Nait 5 + CD 5 to flatcap

Just a quick assurance question. Can I hook both my Nait 5 amp and CD5 to my flatcap? Just want to make sure.
Secondly, to hook the Nait 5 to the flatcap what snaic do I need?
Appreciate any help.

If a Flatcap 2, yes. The connection from Flatcap 2 to Nait 5 is shown in the manual here. You’ll need three SNAICs to do what you want to do: a SNAIC 5 and SNAIC 4 to connect the Nait 5 to the Flatcap 2, and another SNAIC 5 to power the CD player.

I used to have a Nait 5 and still have a CD5. A great system.


Ok exactly what I thought, thanks for taking the time to confirm for me!!

I’m puzzled, your profile shows Nait 5i !

Made the backwards move to a 5

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