Nait 5 connection?

I’ve been reading the manual for the Nait 5 - specifically the instructions for connecting to a power amp e.g a NAP 250
My interpretation suggests the pre-amp section of the Nait acts as a passive pre when connected to a power amp using a 4pin Snaic as advised.
Is this correct?

I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that you would need a power amp that could power a preamp - or a Flatcap as well.

I thought so too but the manual shows a power-amp connection using only a single 4 pin Snaic and advising no mains connection for the Nait.

I think the pre section of the original Nait 5 is the same as when I converted my old Nait 3 to essentially a NAC92 and you do require an amp or PSU to power the pre section.

I think the original 5 wasn’t, but more recent variations 5i, si etc are passive.

Just looked at my NAIT 5 manual. I suspect a typo.

What’s the pin out on a 4-pin din?

If using a NAP 250 you’ll presumably need the 4 pin DIN to SLR supplied with the NAP rather than a 4 pin Snaic?

When you use a NAIT 5 as a pre-amp it effectively works like a NAC112. So, if you want to use a NAP250 you’ll need to use a power supply such as a FLATCAP or HICAP.


Nice to know my old grey matter is still working when I mentioned the Nait 3 and NAC92 similarities to a Nait 5 in the above post.

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