Nait 5 + Stageline + Flatcap 2. How to connect?


I have been reading this board for ages, although I don’t recall ever posting before. I have always felt that I learn more by listening than by speaking, and boards are no different.

I believe this is a straight forward question, although the related topics provided some guidance, I would appreciate some clarification.

For context, my current system is a Rega P5/Dynavector 10x5/Stageline N/Nait 5/Rega R1. It’s been lovely. I’ve tiptoed into streaming using the Lightning/USB input into a Schiit Bifrost UBER (Chord RCA/DIN). Since then, my vinyl collection has stalled in favor of Qobuz and I believe this shall be the way forward, most likely with with something in the Uniti line, equally likely a ND5.

So. I have a SNAIC 5 connecting the Stageline N to the Nait 5. I have recently acquired a secondhand Flatcap 2. I expect these two to be paired for eternity hereafter.

I understand that I can simply re-purpose the SNAIC 5 previously connecting the Stageline to the Nait 5 and add the requisite SNAIC 4, and be on my way - losing vinyl playback.

If I wish to retain analogue playback, can I simply acquire another SNAIC 5 and reconnect to the powered connection on the Nait 5? The schematic I have reviewed suggests that a SNAIC 4/5 is required as well. Are there multiple connection options?

I appreciate your endurance of this remedial question.

Hi, Welcome!

From memory, output B of the FC2 feeds the Stageline with a Snaic5. You will need another Snaic5 and a Snaic4 to power the Nait 5 from the FC2’s output A.

This will give you all you want from your record player plus a perception of a bit more drive from your Nait.

Enjoy your set.


Thank you, C. You’ve been helpful.

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I ran a Nait 5 from the flatcap, cd5 from the flatcap and stage line from the aux 2 input.

Me too. But my Nait 5 and FC2 also had a CD5 too, just like your set.

From the published info provided by the OP, they haven’t got a CD5.

That is correct. I do not have a CD5. Fact is, I can not recall the last time I listened to a CD. Thanks again for the comments, I believe I know the way forward.

I’d be curious to hear a Nait 5 with Hicap DR and the Stageline powered from Aux2…

I found adding a HiCap to the Nait5 a little too much, the FlatCap2 seemed just about right to my ears. Nicely balanced.

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