Nait 5 with CD5, is that good choice (combination)?

ok thank you

So Spendor give more bass response/slightly better ?

sorry want to asking too :

I want to add a subwoofer to Naim Nait 5, is it possible?
If so, how do I connect it?

Connect from the loudspeakers, so be sure the sub has a high level input.

Can I connect from pre-amp out from Nait 5 ?

No. The Spendor speaker is a smaller speaker than the B&W speaker. The bass driver in the Spendor is also smaller. The Spendor will give less bass.

If your room is small, it may be desirable for you to have a smaller speaker such as the Spendor.

Experience shows that speakers which are too large for the room tend to have ‘one note’ bass.

I had the same system back in the day! It was great fun and could blow the doors off, if/when required.

To our OP @primemerkava – I’d have no hesitation buying the CD5/Nait 5, especially if they’ve been serviced. Do see if your friend will cut you a better deal, though!

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thank you , I am curious to buy them

Hi @Richard.Dane

can we use low level input ?

Not from a NAIT5, no. You’d need a Flatcap to power the pre section. That would give you the required pre-out. However you’d also need a slugged interconnect to avoid pushing the pre/flatcap into instability as it was never designed to drive such a long lead. High level is just easier and works better.

Those prices are very high IMO.
Unless amp and CD are serviced I’d look elsewhere.
If your outside UK, service cost and custom tax is another hurdle.
JV finest were IMO the CB/Olive

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