Nait 5 with CD5, is that good choice (combination)?


I want to buy a combination offer:

  • Naim CD5
  • Naim Nait 5
  • Naim Flatcap 2
    some friends say that Naim Nait 5 is the last Naim whose electronic pattern or design is still thick with Julian Verekker. Although Nait 5 has gone into the Classic design. Is this true ?
    Then the combination with Naim CD5, is this the right combination?

thank you

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I had exactly the same combination with some rega Jura speakers. It sounds great. It is excellent that the nait 5 and cd5 could be upgraded with an external power supply.
You would not get a better “ entry level” combination.
It has a very refined and musical presentation .
They will be about 15 yr old now so recapping may be required.

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thanks for the info on his experience using these 3 combinations, is it true that Nait 5 is the last entry level Naim that can still be expanded using an external power supply?

If the price is right, I would go for it, but as stated by IDAK, the Nait may need a service.
I still use a CD5 in my current system. It was well known for punching above it’s weight and is still a very respectable CD player. Make sure it will read and play a selection of CDs though, as the mech may be showing it’s age if it has been in constant use. Mine is still going strong and it was bought soon after the launch.
If all is working well it will be a great system where all of the parts are known to work together.
Hope all goes well.

The CD5 with NAIT 5 and Flatcap 2 is a lovely combination that all works well together. It’s no powerhouse though so speaker matching is important. The Flatcap 2 can be used to upgrade both items - you’ll need a pair of SNAIC 5s and a SNAIC 4. If this is being offered as a set, make sure you get the SNAICs as they aren’t cheap to buy otherwise.

There are some potential issues though to aware of; the VAM1205 mech in the CD5 is long out of production and unavailable should it require replacement. The NAIT 5 volume encoder for the resistor ladder volume control can go faulty on early units. Later ones, or those that have been updated are more reliable.

The NAIT and the Flatcap2 may very well need a service at this age to perform optimally.

After this combination, Naim introduced a more affordable entry-level set at a lower price point, the CD5i, and NAIT 5i. A more modern equivalent of the CD5, NAIT 5, FC2 combo would be the CD5XS, NAIT XS, Flatcap2XS.


I started my Naim journey with exactly the same combo, surprising amount of time ago.
I echo the comments about validating the CD transport

As far as I know it was the only nait 5 that could be improved with a separate power supply. Ditto the cd5

Looks like the XS models could be improved with a power supply so I stand corrected.

A beautiful combination if you can have them serviced so that they are performing at their best.

Speaker matching is the key as others have said. Inevitably this makes me ask, which speakers are you thinking of pairing the Nait 5 with?

for the 3 units of Naim, my friend offered it at GBP 1756, but actually this price is still negotiable if I want to be serious

That sounds a bit on the high side, to me. I’d have thought about £400 each for the CD5 and Nait5, without knowing the condition or service history. Less for the Flatcap2. I keep a semi keen eye on the SH values of them on auction sites, CD5 sold within the last 2 weeks for the above. There’s a Flatcap2 up there for less than 400, and again one went for about 200 within the past few weeks.

thank you
the three items (Nait 5, CD5, and Flatcap 2) are all in very good condition and there is a service record recap of each unit.
it seems the seller will release the Nait 5 first, I will also buy the Nait 5 first, it seems, because the CD5 and Flatcap 2 are still used by my friend.
The Nait 5 is included with the Narcom 2 remote where this remote is used with the actual Nait 5 and CD5, then the DIN to RCA cable, as well as the standard powercord (not the powerline), then the pre amp in and out connectors to the power section.
What I don’t understand is that apart from the connector stamp, should there be another DIN port cover cap other than the connector cap?

Yes, I think Nait 5, is the only integrated entry level Naim (to date, Nait 5SI) that still offers:

  • full DIN connection (especially for the line in)
  • can be expanded with a separate power supply (Flatcap 2)
  • can be used as a pre amp and power amp
  • the inner circuit looks so dense, and contains
  • a large selection of input selectors compared to the Nait 5i, 5i-2 and 5SI
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I might pair it with Bowers and Wilkins DM602S3 or Spendor S3/5R2, I don’t know which is better?

it seems so, but the prices here in Indonesia are indeed higher than the international market, especially in the UK.

as I said earlier, that both Nait5, CD5, and Flatcap 2 are all fully recap and in ready-to-use condition. But my friend will sell Nait 5 first because CD5/Flatcap 2 is still being used.
For Nait 5 only, he asked for GBP 750, in your opinion, what price should I bid?

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There’s a pair of link plugs connected with a short ribbon and also a regular 5 pin link plug. You’ll need them all to use the NAIT 5 on it’s own.

Ah, sorry for the UK perspective!! I’m really not sure in the context of the Indonesian market. There was a recently Naim serviced Nait 5 on the auction site a few months back, originally advertised at close to that figure, I think maybe it was £600, they dropped the price quite a few times before it sold, I’m fairly sure it went for less than £500 in the end, and do not know the price the seller originally accepted.

But if it’s a friend selling the unit you are interested in, and without knowing the market there, I really couldn’t suggest a number.

It sounds like a cherished set of equipment, I love my CD5, and almost bought a Nait 5 when considering upgrades to my then Nait 3. I suspect all three together would sound marvelous. I have bought things based on emotion before, paying what I thought things were worth to me, regardless of market price. Auction sites and sellers must love me X)

Good luck :slight_smile:

[edit: from what I’ve read on here, the original Nait 5 was very good, and over engineered for the price Naim sold it for, hence the Nait 5i / XS split after a few years. It’s kinda like a Nait XS0. Original Nait XSes do go for around the 6-700 mark in the UK. I’m not saying they are equivalent, SH prices are what they are here, and the Nait 5 doesn’t make XS prices. But market availability, condition and service history all play into this]

Two pairs of speakers with opposite design philosophies. I would take the B&Ws for their sensitivity which will stress the Nait 5 very lightly. The only caveat is that their bass may be overwhelming if your room is small, in which case the Spendors would probably be the better option of the two.

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Can’t comment on price but CD5/Nait5/FC2 was my first Naim system and I loved it.

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I ran the Nait 5 into B&W Cm5’s and this was a great pairing. There hardly was a difference between my SuperNait and the Nait 5. When I changed the loudspeakers for my difficult CM1’s, the SuperNait was excellent, but the Nait 5 sounded grey /dull.

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