Nait 5 with phono input

Hi, I saw the advertisement of the new Naits “introducing the new NAITs with added love for vinyl” and I though “finally the Nait 5 with the phono input” … but no, only for the big brothers. There will never be a Nait 5 with phono input, also as an optional feature?


The original NAIT 5 had a powered AUX2 to easily add and power a Stageline phono stage. The Stageline was an optional extra, just as the phono boards were for the NAIT 3 before. The NAIT XS3 is the NAIT5’s successor and now has just what you seem to want - a phono stage within the same box.

Hi Richard, I own the Nait 5si and I simply hoped that the new little nait - if there will be - could have this option


Sounds like it’s time for an upgrade.

Hi, the other two Naits (Supernait 2 e Nait XS 2) have been upgraded


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