Nait 50 and Rega P3 50

Turns out I’ve been missing my Nait 2 a bit too much after letting it go when moving to the NC … so instead of buying it again, decided to get a Nait 50 and see what it can do!

It’s been sitting in the sealed box for a week now and it’s 1st play day today!

Not sure the Nait 50 is quite as pretty as the Nait 2 but it surely is a lovely thing! On to the music!

Full entire one box and a TT system here (with Spendor D1):

Rega is not 50th but if it helps, it’s fitted with the AT150ANV (50th Anniversary) cart!:slight_smile:


yes, if only the Rega is used and no other source, connecting the Nait ground terminal to earth might be needed (as in my case and made it essentially dead quiet).


How you getting on with finding a turntable Simon? Any epiphanies?

Great combo but will really depend on your speakers on how it truly sounds obviously. Huge upgrade over the standard Rega P3. The outboard power supply makes all the difference on the 50th anniversary P3.

My NAIT 50 is not embarrassed by a new LP12/ARO/Troika front end.

I’d say go for whichever TT suits you best - I’m sure that the NAIT will cope.


No been working hard this week… but will pop to my dealer today to have a chat and a listen… thanks for all the suggestions on this thread

I had a quick look on eBay just now, and found a Nait 2 in the US, for which the seller is asking $1,790 (£1,468), which seems a crazy price.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic little amp - I have a late model with CD, rather than AUX, input, which I will never sell.

But is that really the price that they command these days?


A used Rega P8 from a dealer wouldn’t be a huge amount more than the P3 maybe £300 or £400 and it is a stunningly good deck for the money I’ve owned a few Linns, Regas and Technics decks and though not the most expensive the Planar 8 has been my favourite and has been with me about 2 years.

I’ve not felt the need to upgrade perhaps one day I might upgrade to a P10 but the P8 matched with a Nait mine is an SN2 is a match I’ve not felt the need to change.


I think the P8/ Technics 1200 and upwards are wot is needed to start getting the best out of the Nait 50

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They sound very right together to me as the P8 is open, direct and transparent and does not seem to take away from the Nait 50. And vice versa, of course.


Yeah…I have my P6 matched to a Rega io and Linn Tukans, and shares source with a Chord Mojo…all about equally matched it seems.

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Thanks, its the second time I’ve posted this photo in a thread and it always gets a warm reception - it does make me wonder if I should pursue using it as an actual system full time.

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