Nait 50/Neat Iota Alpha

Greetings. I just purchased a Nait 50 which I’m using with an ND5Xs2, a REGA Planar 3 and a pair of Neat Iota Alpha. While the presentation is to my liking I feel that I have to move the volume knob to at least 10 am for the speakers to truly come alive. Now, I’m still breaking in the amp and I noticed it has gone through some changes in the last 10 hours. I’m curious as to which speakers some of you may be using with this amp/streamer and your recommendations as to speakers that may be a better match. Thanks in advance for your response.

I am using Russell K RED 50s… very pleased with it… my amp is over a month old now and I feel it’s likely mostly settled down.

The RK RED 50s are small speakers, but go well in my current listening room. I had been using the larger ATC SCM19s, but I prefer the RKs with this amp as they appear to be faster, and hence feel they time more convincingly with an attractive mid and in room bass extension, albeit only down to about 40 Hz or so, but that suits me… that NAIT50 certainly moves the driver’s cone about…

Listening to Chopin’s Nocturnes now and it sounds really convincing, full bodied and engaging. Edit just checked it’s a 88.2/24 recording that possibly helps.


Thank you for this @Simon-in-Suffolk as I had never heard of the Russell K RED 50 speakers.

They look promising checking many of my boxes!


Seconding these — but I have mine at the end of a Supernait 2.

I feel Russell K is somewhat undervalued in the Forum. I took a punt (eBay…) when I moved my SN2 into a second system and needed a pair of small speakers. They certainly didn’t disappoint, and I think they are reasonably easy to place.


I asked for a demo pair today, will report if and when I get them.


Lovely speakers. I’ve heard a few pairs now mainly at shows, and they have always stood out. The Red 100s are excellent too.


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