Nait 5i-2 and Stageline N phono stage

Does anyone know if the Stageline K will plug into the NAIT 5I-2 ?

Probably best to ask Naim on this one, email or phone call.

There were two iterations of the Stageline. The first with one din socket. The second with two.

You will need to power the Stageline. This could be done with I-Supply, Flatcap or Hicap. The signal would return to your amp with a Naim 4-5 pin interconnect.

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You can use a Stageline with a NAIT 5i but the latter cannot power the Stageline, so you will need a dedicated power supply (i-supply S, Flatcap, Hicap etc…) and a 4-5 interconnect. Note that the early Stageline cannot be used with the i-Supply S.

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Thanks Richard. Is the " i supply s " a Naim product ?

Yes, it was actually introduced at the same time as the NAIT 5i to enable use with the Stageline at a modest cost. However, these days Flatcap2s are inexpensive and would be my first choice here. Get either a late version or serviced example and make sure it comes with its SNAIC5…

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Thanks for the advice. Will look into a flatcap 2s.

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