Nait 5i speaker recommendations

Yes, but I mentioned them as they’re a fantastic speaker, they won’t be around for long and will last many upgrades.
It often works out cheaper to spend more now than undertake frequent upgrades.

Petite SX should be within reach, stunning bookshelf.
Original Petites maybe.

Naim n-SATs - these speakers will blow your socks off.

I can only say my Neat Motive SX3s sound great with my NAIT XS3. Over budget if bought new at list, but likely within reach 2nd hand or if you keep your eyes open. I paid a lot less than list for mine, boxed. I ran them for a time with a NAIT3 as well as with a loaned NAIT 5 when my 3 was being serviced. I’ve not listened to many others, but after a lot of listening to my Iotas (not the iota alpha!) I would now say the Motive easily has the better of the iota. I also run them fairly close to the wall, 20-30 cm - still slowly tweaking, and in a relatively small room. Worth a listen I would say, traditionally a good partner with Naim, I think Neat have Naim gear in house

I can totally understand that. What do you not like about the 3/5s that makes you think about upgrading?

I wonder how well N-Sats would work with a Nait5? I really like mine, and I’ve been using them with an Atom, just because I already had them sitting in the loft, but hooking them up to a 250 made me realise that they have so much more to give, and I feel they are a bit wasted on an entry level amp. Just a thought.

Toneaudio liked this combination:

This amplifier-speaker combo sounds great, looks fantastic and works very well together, defining the concept of synergy that often accompanies discussions about Naim Audio. The NAIT 5i and n-SATs delivered the prerequisite tone and pace while sounding very detailed and neutral. We also noticed the same outstanding build quality that can be found in Naim’s top-of-the-line gear.

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Fair enough, it’s not a combo I’ve heard, and they do sound nice driven by my Atom. I was just taken aback when I found out how much more they have to give when driven by a 250.

The problem with the n-sat is finding a pair and preferably with the designed stand, I agree they do sound awesome a good mate of mine has a pair on the end of my old NAP180 I sold him about 17 years ago, loves them.

Another rare speaker to track down is the Guru Junior these work incredibly well with a Nait5i a few months ago I purchased @anon27418182 Guru’s for another good friend and these sound excellent, once again though its finding a pair and along with the n-sats both are as rare as hens teeth.

I owned nSats and have heard them in other systems. Unless accompanied by an nSub they always seemed to suffer from a congested sound. My current speakers, ProAc Tablette 10 Signatures, are miles better in my view. That said I think they really need more than a Nait 5i.

It is not abouth speakers, but about my room. My listening position is a bit far from the speakers. When the volume is low, the SQ degrades a bit, the sound becomes flat.
I know that 3/5s are the near field monitors and I should have placed myself close to them. However, that is the only acceptable position.
I tried some ported speakers and found that they overload my room with bass, even the front firing such as AE1 Classic. I tried a subwoofer, and it made things even worse.

So, I’m thinking of trying some other sealed speakers if they fit into my room.

Could you tell me how far is your listening position from the speakers and how big your room is? I saw your photo somewhere in that long thread, but it is a bit diffucult to understand these things.
I’m not planning any intervention, just need to understand what speakers I should try with time.

The room is 3.6m by 4.5m, with the speakers on the long wall.

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Thanks! One more question about your room if you don’t mind. Do you have any accoustic treatment in this room ?

Other than fitted carpet, curtains, a sofa, two arm chairs, a large footstool and a small bookcase, no. It’s a good room for sealed speakers but fails dismally with anything ported.

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How far away from your speakers are you? If it’s an issue at low volumes have you thought about changing your amp to an XS or SN? The XS3 and SN3 are the current models but you can get some good offers on XS and SN2s. A bigger amp might provide a bit more grip at lower volume and would probably be a better upgrade over all.

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I got your point about XS or SN. Thanks!

About 10-11 feet. The distance between speakers is less than 6 feet. I know it is far from perfect but this is our bedroom and there is no space. I can move some furniture and the best I can do is to place the left speaker into the very corner, and the distance between them will be 7-8 feet at most.

I sit about 9-10 feet from mine but mine are closer together than yours. One thing does occur if it’s bedroom then it will have a lot of soft furnishings, like a bed, that will definitely ‘dull’ the sound. Can you wall mount the speakers and angle them in towards your listening position?

I’m investigating this option as I’ve already found that the bed ‘steals’ some sound. I lifted my speakers up a bit and looks like I need to continue experiments in this direction.
To implement your strategy, I need to persuade my wife to agree with my intervention in her corner. At the moment, she strongly disagrees with this idea as she finds the sound absolutely perfect :face_with_head_bandage: However, she dislikes my obssession with my system. Moreover, I’ve realized that we have different genre preferences. So, If I place the speaker in her corner, she will not have any benefits from this action. So, at the moment I have no other way but continue the siege as I spent all my funds on nd5 xs2, 3/5, 5si and cables.

Ok, you’ve shown me that my ideas not insane, I just need more time and raise some funds.