Nait 5si and B&W CM-1

Hi everyone, I just joined this nice forum. I have a pair of B&W CM-1 loudspeakers (donated by a relative of mine) and I have to buy a good integrated amplifier. The local dealer has a Nait 5si, I was wondering if any of you had any experience driving the CM-1 with the Nait 5si. Other options are, e.g., Rega Elex-r, Musical Fidelity M3si, Cambridge CXA81, Rotel A14. Thank you in advance for your feedback/advice, I am really tempted by entering the Naim realm!
As a side note: I have also been given a 20+ yo Denon CD player and JVC turntable. I am considering to upgrade them in near future with a Naim CD5 si and a Rega Planar 3 or Technics SL-1500C, respectively.

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The B &W CM-1 speakers get good reviews. I would imagine they’d sound pretty damned good with a Nait 5si.

The Nait 5si was my first introduction with a CD5si and I enjoyed them both very much.

I soon upgraded from the Nait 5si to an 82 hicap and 250. And went through a raft of various changes and upgrades.

The Nait was a very good buy. I bought nearly new and sold it on for a good price.

I’ve also had a RP3 and it’s a very good turntable.

So I have experience of 3 of the components you are looking at.

If you can demo it would be a good idea. For me the Nait 5si and CD5si were excellent purchases with no regrets.

Enjoy your Naim journey

Sometimes B&W speakers attract negative comments on this forum. I haven’t seen any on the CM1 ,

If you go to the top right of the corner of this page and see
Screenshot 2020-08-24 at 20.46.53
And type B& W CM1 - you might get an answer.
I have always thought of them as Mini 805s and I think you have the basis of a very good system with your choices. I think you may need a phono stage - but my feeling is the Technics 1500 comes with one . I would be very happy with the combinations you have outlined

I ran my now boxed up cm1’s with an original Nait 5 and a SuperNait 1. The SuperNait 1 was happily driving the CM1’s but the Nait 5 was underpowered. The original Nait 5 is very different from the 5si.

Fond memories of the SuperNait / CM1 setup. Lack of detail made me moving on, but I have plans for the cm1’s. Can’t sell them, the value is higher than the money I would get.

Very dynamic if matched properly. I have the feeling that the 5si match is ok. Why not bring them to a dealer and try some amps? That’s what I did.

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Sounds like good advice from @Ardbeg10y, given his experience with the Nait 5 as the Nait 5si may struggle to drive them.

5si has more power but less refinement as the 5. I would try it at a dealer :slight_smile:

Dear all, thanks for your replies and suggestions! I will try to ask the dealer for a sound check. About the SuperNait. There are a few of them on the bay, but quite often their serial numbers are covered and this is not a good sign.
Any other advice is welcome, of course!
PS. I apologize for my English, it’s not my mother tongue!

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Hi all, this morning an almost brand-new (December 2019) NAIT XS 2 landed in may room. Albeit it has been placed in a temporary setup, it sounds great! Thanks for your suggestions and comments!

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