Nait 5si + Monitor Audio PL200

Hi guys, yesterday afternoon a friend brought me home to listen to some Monitor Audio PL200 1G… what an effort :slight_smile: We drove them with my new Nait 5si… but can you believe he drove them very well without getting upset? Certainly a few more Watts wouldn’t hurt but I didn’t expect this good performance. I will try them for a week alongside my B&W 705 Signatures which I am in love with and which I continue to prefer in the high range. What can I say, the little guy is always a pleasant surprise!

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The Nait 5si is a fabulous little amp. It’s a pity that many are seduced by bigger more shiny things up the range. Needs more recognition in my view.


It’s true

I’ll try it with B&W 805 D3 tomorrow

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