Nait disaster

Good morning
Had the dreaded call from my dealer…
Dropped my 1987 cb Nait ( born 13 June) at my dealer on October 27
Dealer rang me on Friday “they’ve lost it”
Fair play Naim are sending me a nait 50 to replace it.
But I’ve had a panic …lp12 cdx and nat01
Not enough inputs are there or am I missing something


Just to clear something…Naim / Dpd lost it
Thanks to Duncan for speaking to me

A great shame, but wow, how fantastic you say that you’re getting a NAIT50 as a replacement!

The NAIT50 has two line level inputs and a MM phono input, so you’ll be OK. Oh yes, and you gain a rather fine headphone amp too.


I guessed the aux wal line level but the streaming input scared me
Thx for quick response

Thought I would have to cull one of my babies

I can’t see where the supposed ‘disaster’ enters the picture that you’ve painted. You dropped off a clapped out CB Nait 1 with your dealer, and you come away with a brand new CB Nait 50.

I’d say that you lucked out big time!

(I have a Nait50 - it’s a cracker!)

(Richard Dane beat me to it.)


I’ve had nelly longer than the wife I’ll miss her more…


If I had a sentimental attachment to my own amp I’d be livid.
The guy sends it to be brought up to best spec serviced then it’s lost.
I’d be the same if I sent watch to be serviced passed down and they said hard lines we’ve lost it.
I understand the replacement might be better but it’s a compromise just the same.
I wouldn’t think great work chaps I’d just boil and take it on the chin. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


That line has to be up there for post of the year :slight_smile:

I wholly understand the sickening feeling of losing something which has been part of your life for so long. I too would be livid but it’s pointless anger as what, in reality, could be done?

Short of somehow finding a straight CB replacement I’d say the Nait 50 was absolutely the best possible replacement.


They could have also said, “bad luck, ring DPD and speak to your insurance company”.
Whilst it’s a loss they have made efforts to cover that loss with an available equivalent and @millsandboon appears to be happy with the resolution?


Not saying it’s not the best solution so well done Naim but I don’t think I’d be overjoyed at the loss.
How would you feel “ all that’s left now “ they lost that watch your father left you and give you a new one instead.”
I know this is probably the best outcome one can only hope it got stolen on its way to Naim in need of service or better still not working just to sicken the thieves. :+1:t2:


I’m way to relaxed to become nasty about this, these things happen.Duncan has said " if yours turns up we’ll send it up and then you can decide on what I want to do"
I have a great respect for Naim and Duncan for the way they have sorted this out for the moment
Now if I could send my wife somewhere for a service.

I’ll let you know how a 50 compares to a fresh Nait 1 if nelly ever comes home


Would you have the same reaction if your amp(s) were lost during servicing and Naim replaced them with brand new OC equivalents…?

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If there were an equivalent for my amps (all of which need service and recap), then I don’t suppose that I’d mind very much.

That said, most of Naim’s current range of amps appears to have been discontinued, so presumably we are about to see a whole new range of products soon. And Naim seem to believe that the age of CD players is behind us, so I count myself lucky to have picked up a CDX2 and XPS DR to replace a CDS II/XPS, whose transport mech had ‘died’.

Which is some way away from my original point - that a brand new Nait 50 is a pretty good substitute for an unserviced Nait 1.


The amp had been serviced and Naim had charged my dealer it’s after this the problem occured.
I had given my dealer £500 to cover the cost
We now need to sort out what’s owed where as I’ve no idea what things cost
Nelly was or should have been brand new


£500 for a new Nait 50 seems a pretty fair deal to me, bargain of the century even!

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I wonder if an Airtag would disturb the sound if placed inside the casing?

Very little mention of the culpability of the delivery company here? Surely that’s where any angst should be aimed - and where I would be immediately directing the dealer to be making a claim for my lost item, irrespective of Naims goodwill gesture.


I recently had my CB Nait 2 serviced by Darran and the first time I got to hear it was during a visit to Cymbiosis to collect an item and I brought the Nait 2 along and we placed it side by side with the new Nait 50. Mine had honestly not even been switched on since service and sounded great from cold start, so to speak. Whilst I have no doubt mine was at a slight disadvantage over the warmed up 50, it did sound good, but the relative lack of power was apparent on playing back the same tracks. Hard to reach true conclusion but I reckon the 50 marks a significant improvement.


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Nah…, that should be the retail price :sunglasses:

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