Nait with no Naim source

Do I understand correctly that Naits should preferably be connected with a Naim source such as a streamer or CDP in order to have proper grounding?

What if a non Naim CDP or streamer is connected? Will something detrimental happen to the Nait? Will it buzz? If yes, what should be done to mitigate this?

Ideally, a Naim integrated and pre/power amplifiers would have one source where the signal ground is connected to mains earth, this would then provide the system ground reference. According to JV, a single reference ground point is important so that details of the signal are not lost with the small but significant voltage differences inevitable with separate ground paths.

Without this the amp will be fine but you may possibly have a ground loop that can be audible (hum/buzz through the speakers) or inaudible (general performance loss).

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