Nait XS 2 + PSU vs Nait XS 3

Any opinions on a Nait XS 2 (70w) + external PSU (take your pick) vs the Nait XS 3.
Just pondering as I have no real interest in swapping my XS 2 for an XS 3.
Compared to what I paid for the XS 2 at launch, the latter has become prohibitively expensive here in Canada. Almost twice the price.

I have owned the Nait XS 2 (70w) and it is a wonderful integrated amp. I have never heard a XS 3 so no help in comparing sound.

Do you have a local dealer that you can bring in your XS 2 and demo side by side with the XS 3 so you hear the difference, if any. Then put a HiCap DR on the XS 2 and compare to a XS 3. At least you would know what the sound difference would be and could determine which direction you may want to head in.

I suppose it could be arranged but I never had much success with in-store demos.
Ideally I would need to borrow an XS 3 for home demo. But that would be uncomfortable since I have no intention of buying it.
So many varying opinions about XS3 being ?% better than XS 2 and PSU upgrades making things better/worse/not worth the outlay etc.

Interesting question?

To share my experiences…
I use a HiCap2 with a NAIT XS 2 and think it is a valuable addition to the bare XS 2.

Some time ago, my dealer demonstrated the addition of a new FlatCap XS. Actually, I wasn’t that impressed with the difference on my bare XS 2. So, the dealer then added a pre-loved HiCap2 they had in store at the time. For me, this proved to be a worthwhile and pleasing upgrade. So, I went home with the Pre-loved HiCap2 instead.

More music came through, crisper notes, better control of bass notes. I imagine the more recent HiCap DR would be just slighter better still.

But, can’t comment on any comparison with the newer NAIT XS 3. My only reference point is a one time listen of the new XS 3 at a dealer, some time ago. (Without any comparisons). So, can’t really comment on this aspect of your question. It’s a nice amp, likely slightly better than a XS 2. Also, has the addition of a fine internal phono stage.

Hope that helps?
Good luck with your journey



I am fortunate that I have a dealer close by and he has allowed me to take a few items home for demo when there was no immediate sale pending. He planted enough seeds which bloomed into future sales. I appreciate your honesty and you may even want to share that with him/her since they may be happy to loan you a demo unit just to build the relationship.

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Nice idea that I would also encourage :+1:
I have also found that an honest, straight forward relationship, with a local dealer can blossom into longer term and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Thanks guys, I’m currently on standby for a second hand HiCap.


I had an Nait Xs2 with a Hicap dr, great combination and stayed with me for many years.


Just my view and ymmv.
XS range is great value for money.
Improvements from 2 to 3 were primarily phono stage and a couple of tweaks to power amp section that gives it more speed and bass.
Control/grip is improved with Hicap DR with XS3 (no downside).
That said what others have said about a dealer demo would really give you an insight into what you are potentially missing out on or not as the case maybe. Yes it may be a bit compromised compared to home demo but you should get a good feel.

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This was my setup as well for a few years. Loved it!

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