Nait XS 2 used a preamp

Now I’m expecting to be told ‘‘Why on earth would you want to do that?’’
Mainly because I’m curious and the forecast for the next three days is rain, rain, rain
The power amp has RCA and XLR inputs only (no DIN)
So theoretically would I be better off using the RCA sub out or the DIN pre out? The latter would require that I purchase a DIN - RCA cable which I would prefer not having to do.

I’m curious too :thinking:
What are trying to do?

From your profile ( nothing listed) it is not obvious what you might doing here ?

Otherwise, sub out should work

Hi, you will have to use the sub out; the din pre out needs to be powered either by the power amp stage via the link plug, or by a flatcap or hicap.
If you have a hicap, use socket 3 via a 4 pin din.

Thanks guys, I’ll give the sub out a try. This is just an experiment with a cheap but powerful class D amp. I want to see how it fares compared to the 70w of the XS 2.

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Sounds fun
Good luck :+1: