Nait xs 2 vs supernait 3


Does anyone have any experience with nait xs 2 and upgrades from there? I’m considering upgrading to Supernait 3 but at a significant investment. I am very happy with the xs2 and wondering how much better it can get? I’m interested in anyone’s experience with the two.

I’ve owned both, the original XS-2 and XS 2 as well as SN 1,2,3
What speakers do you have and what cabling are you using in the system?
What are the room characteristics, size/shape for example?
What source do you have and will those remain?
You’ll get more control and grip going from an XS 2 to a SN 3, more weight and drive in the bottom end and a more defined mid to upper mid range.
You’ll find the overall benefits will be in part aligned against your source quality, speaker capabilities and room dimensions.

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I run Dali Helicon 800mk2, my source is NA8005 and cable Qed XT40, source and speakers are not changing, I have a Uniti Star which is underwhelming to say the least, I cannot believe how much better it sounds with XS2, which is why I’m considering supernait 3.

I know I’m going to inspire a hissy fit in a few members who think that you can adequately match big expensive speakers with a very basic set of electronics but regardless, I’ll say it again. You don’t have £7,000 speakers and front the system with a £400 Marantz streamer. What you need is an NDX2 and Supernait 3, or better.


You make me smile, halibut :slight_smile:

I’d try to home demo some stuff. Maybe squeeze in a high quality dac between the streamer and the amp …

But can you really put lipstick on a pig?


It’s amazing how many people nowadays, on Naim forum, want to have big speakers driven by small electronics.
I reminds me some new friends who came at home some years ago. The only thing they observed was the speakers.
They even didn’t noticed the SME turntable.
As the fashion is to have less boxes, people think they will compensate with big speakers.
So many threads like “ can a Nova drive my Wilson speakers?”. But when the responses are “No”, those people asking don’t want to listen to the “No”.


The worst demo I ever saw was for a friend who I was tying to persuade to buy an early Uniti model, the material was streamed - so was about MP3 quality into PMC Fact speakers.

Every shortfall was shown up ruthlessly , whilst this forum has members (such as yourself) who use quality but compact speakers with good quality electronics, very good and very large speakers need commensurate electronics and a relatively modest Marantz and a Naim integrated to me, seem a combination that will frustrate .

Don’t forget that the OP is happy, and asking for more.

We can surely help spending the money.

Getting a SN3 is more likely to work out wrongly since it will open the window to the source more.
Improving source should be the way to go. Chord Hugo? NDac?

Personally, I would get a good dac but if funds are there, I’d consider getting the NDX2. Thats going to cost about 5k though.

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lol, the fashion??

reading through this forum I thought the fashion is to have boxes on boxes, and chained servers and switches, duplicate everything and have daily cable destressing?

make no mistake, a Nova can sound wonderful with high end/bigger/expensive speakers whatever you call them if they are chosen well.


The fashion is to downsize the number of boxes. Many many threads on that since 2 years.
Indeed , a Nova can sound relatively fine on > 15 k speakers, if they are not too power hungry.
But for 20k, you can have a much better system than one driven by a Nova.


You’re absolutely right. Before I upgraded my streamer to the ND5 XS2 I was using a £350 Sonos Connect with my Nait XS2 and the Sonos was completely out of its depth. I’ve since upgraded the amp to a SN3 which is a great upgrade with my sources but I dread to think what that Sonos would have sounded like with the SN3.

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i call it efficiency, if the SQ is similar.
but i subscribe your general thought.
indeed, its a question of synergy and to obtain this, we need coherent equipment.
As HH said, you dont use a 700pound source to a 7000pound pair of speakers

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matter of speech. in this case, its even worse… :sweat_smile: :innocent:

So far I’d have to agree with everything said, but if speakers and source aren’t changing, then I fear it’ll be a likely frustrating merry-go-round ride from there regardless if you upgraded to the SN3 when the change could’ve been had from the get-go. If you enjoy the XS2, I’d be looking at keeping that for a while and purchasing an ND5 XS2 streamer and possible outboard DAC (like a Qutest or any myriad of quality DACs in that price/performance range). It’ll balance the system and be on-par SQ-wise with a bare NDX2. You’ll also save yourself some money.

Going to a SN3 with what you have might be good for the long-haul, for certain (future source upgrade the next logical step); but in the interim I can’t help but think disappointment is going to set in, making you pine for a new streamer anyway…that’s where the pocketbook (and enjoyment of music) begins to suffer.

I would go with the above, or if you’re looking to get the SN3, then an NDX2 should really accompany that decision.

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I don’t talk money in front of my system, my amp gets really touchy!


In your case, as you have the Rega Rp8 and Auralic Vega 2, maybe time to upgrade from the Nait 2, to have something better balanced ?

When I had a Nait XS 2 it had a ND5XS streamer with a pair of ProAc D2 speakers. I did move to a SN 2 and with it came a NDX, then a SN 2 with a NDX 2. Then a XPS DR added to the NDX 2, then a HiCAP DR to the SN 2. A pair of Naim Ovator 400 S replaced the D2 speakers for awhile, then they were replaced by a pair of ProAc D30RS.

You have been given some great advice above regarding moving towards a balanced system. That is the experience of the majority of members although there are some who have unbalanced systems and love them.

What it comes down to is you finding a dealer who will let you demo gear in the shop and then at home. That is my experience and building up a relationship with a single dealer had worked for me and many others on the forum.

Good luck with your decisions!

I did love the XS 2, a fabulous integrated amp! …and for me moving to the SuperNait was a lovely upgrade! Then I added a NAC 282 preamp to the SuperNait… WOW!

Good luck with your journey…


Can someone please educate me here? When we talk about a balanced system are we talking about a monetary balance where the source, amp and speakers cost about the same?