Nait XS as a power supply?

Question for you. Possibly a silly one at that.

I have a Nait XS. Just bought a NAC 272 and in the process of paying off a NAP 250 DR (I will have it maybe in March). That has to be it for now, money wise. Although I do read a lot of talk about the XPS DR doing great things for the 272 and overall sound. Plan to sell my XS when the 250 is my possession but wondering if I could use the XS as a power supply for my 272 in what will be my 250/272 set up or that makes no sense; it wouldn’t work; and/or dumb idea?

No! You need that XPS!

No. You could use the Nait XS as a power amp though with your N-272, until the NAP250DR arrives.

One minute on the website would have answered your question…

Of course, I read and understood that from Naim’s website and my manual but I thought, if there is a will there is a way. Got confirmation today that there is no way but Thanks for taking the trouble to highlight it.

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