Nait XS+ND5xs vs Superuniti

I have a SU with Neat Motive SX2 and SQ is excellent. Will a Nait XS + ND5XS sound different more Naim?

When I bought my SU some years ago my dealer set up an ND5XS/Nait XS2 for me to compare with it. I found it to sound rather flat and dull by comparison, so I chose the SU.
The original XS has a lower power output then the XS2, although your speakers are not overly demanding so that shouldn’t be a huge problem, but you might find the extra power of the SU useful if you turn up the volume.

@ChrisSU That’s an apt description of what I thought of the XS2.

So I was surprised how different and much more fun the XS3 is to my ears! Finally something to replace my CB Nait 2, that good.