Nait xs2 connection

Hi, I have a naim nait XS2 and flatcaps xs. I got a 202 nac for a low price.
Can I connect nac 202 with flatcaps xs and nain nait xs2 as an amplifier ?, hoping to get a 200 nap
As it would be the connection scheme, I have a 4 pin naic and another 5 pin.

I appreciate your help

Welcome to the forum metalgore
The Naim Connection Guide will show you how.
Page 27 is how you can do it although the component parts are not quite the same.

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Thanks for your help,

but I need the nac 202 as a preamp and the nait xs2 as the amplifier

can the xs2 be left alone as an amplifier?
And what would be your connection?


Yes, you can do this. The manual will explain what to do.

Edit: thank you Nigel

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