Nait xs2 headphone output

good morning everyone, I have a problem with the headphone output of the nait xs 2; Every time I plug in the headphones the input automatically goes from CD to AV1 and I can’t hear anything. do you have any idea why this happens? thanks for the replies.

Do you have automatic input switching enabled?

12.1 Automatic Input Switching

With Automatic Input Switching engaged the appropriate source input will be selected as soon as any handset function for that (Naim) source component is operated. For example, if the tuner input is selected and the cd play key is pressed on the handset, the Nait XS 2 will automatically switch to the cd input. Automatic Input Switching can be programmed to operate on any combination of the cd, tuner, hdd and av input buttons.

To enable Automatic Input Switching, first switch the Nait XS 2 into program mode by pressing and holding the handset prog key (with the handset in preamplifier mode). The front panel mute button will illuminate if automatic switching is already enabled. If it is not enabled it can be switched on by pressing the mute button.

With automatic switching enabled, pressing the mute button again will reveal the inputs selected for auto switching by their indicators illuminating for a short time.

Repeated operation of the mute button will sequentially select through each possible combination of cd, tuner, hdd and av inputs and auto switching disabled (all indicators off). When the desired inputs selected for auto switching are indicated, stop pressing the button.

Automatic Input Switching only becomes operational on exit from program mode by pressing and holding the handset prog key.

Note: The Nait X 2 will leave program mode automatically if no control commands are received for five minutes.

Note: In a few cases some further equipment configuration may be required for auto switching to operate correctly.

Please contact your retailer or local distributor for advice.

thank you for the reply, I haven’t programmed anything, I also have to tell you that it automatically goes to aux1 and not av as I had indicated before.

Can you describe your system, and how things are connected?
Have you owned the xs2 from new?

of course, thank you for your availability, I have a Nait Amplifier is the only thing I got used from a Naim dealer. I never listen to headphones but today, reading that the Nait has a good headphone amplifier, I wanted to try it, I inserted the plug while everything was on CD function and it automatically switched to aux1. every time I plug it in it does this thing. I read the Naim manual and tried to set the CD as the preferred input but it still doesn’t work. among other things the aux1 input is not programmable. I did a factory reset and nothing happens. something strange I would say…

Are you sure it’s an XS2?
The XS2 has a 1/4" headphone socket.
The original XS has a 3.5mm input socket & will switch to Aux1 when a device is connected.


Hi Neil, on the back it says xs on the xs2 box but I confirm that the connector is the smallest. but if it goes to aux1 I should put the 5 din cable in aux 1??? that aux 1 I see would only be rca and not 5 din… I almost buy an external headphone amplifier.

The original XS (with the small socket) does not have a headphone amplifier. The socket is an input that was meant for an analogue connection to an iPod etc.
If you wish to use an external headphone amp, you can use one of the DIN sockets with a tape output.


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thank you very much Neil, thank you very much, you solved a doubt I had; so I will go from tape input in din to headphone amplifier with RCA. perfect because I also already have the cable. thank you so much. Have a good evening!!

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