Nait XS2 left channel stopped

Whilst I was checking out the radio channels followed the vTuner debarcle, the left channel on my XS2 suddenly stopped. Any ideas?

I use the DIN output from my ND5 XS, so I switched to phono and connected spare leads. No change. I then swapped the L/R leads over. No change, which seems to suggest the left channel on the amp is the problem. I then swapped over the speaker leads and the sound came out of the left speaker only.

Try reseating the link plug at the back.

Many thanks for the suggestion. i’ve just tried it but unfortunately no change. I suspect it’s going to need repairing. Just as I was about to trade it in!

Sticky relay? Full power off and retry or press mute a few times.?

OK, I’ll try the mute on/off trick - thanks for the tip. I’ve already powered it on / off several times. No change, but I’ll leave it off a little longer next time.

Does it have a balance control on the remote maybe?

Unfortunately not.

After powering off overnight and then multiple presses of the Mute switch after powering up, the left channel is still dead. Sad, but now resigned to having it repaired/upgraded.

Oh no… not an auspicious start to 2024. One last hope have you tried rca and din inputs might be a preamp rather than power amp?

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I normally use the DIN input, but I have also now tried the RCA inputs. I also swapped them over (left/right) but the left channel remained dead. So I think it’s a power amp problem.

I’ll be contacting my dealer today to review options.


Does the headphone socket work ok?
Not that it resolves the issue at all.

Unfortunately not, other than some with 3.5mm jack plugs. I’m sure I had an adapter somewhere, but can’t find it presently.

Just by way of an update. All now repaired thanks to the Sound Organisation in York. A reasonable price too, and yes, it was a relay that had failed.


Of course, I’m now trading it in :grinning:

It’s always the case. Any interaction with a dealer automatically transports you into an alternate reality. :blush:


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