Nait XS2, Stageline & Flatcap 2x - HELP! How to connect?

Hello all, sorry that my first post is a woeful “help me I’m stuck!” one…

I have a Nait XS2, with Stageline. I came across a Flatcap 2X at a good price a few days ago and thought I’d give it a go, but can’t for the life of me figure out the connections so that the FC can power the Nait Pre and/or the Stageline. I’ve looked at the manual online but still can’t grasp it - I really need a specific walkthrough…I don’t want to risk damaging anything so any advice (what SNAIC goes into which socket etc) would be utterly appreciated.

I have 4 and 5 pin SNAICS/Flashbacks (a mixture). My Stageline has a 5 pin on the right and a 4 pin on the left. The manual appeared to show two 5 pins?

I’m useless at this!

Thank you for any help you can give this old duffer…

Hi Stevebee, welcome to Naim

Get a copy of the www installation guide, its all in there including all the wires you need in schematic form



This is not the schematic I had seen.

I really am most grateful - was beginning to think it was not possible (at least for a dunderhead like me!)

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Anyone who is new to this Naim game & has the sense to ask cannot be a dunderhead.
Good luck with the wires & enjoy when you do get it fired up.


Cheers Mike!
I used to have 32/SNAPS/250 a long time ago but that seemed simple compared to the back of the XS2 :slight_smile:

From the schematic, looks like I need a 5 to 4 DIN as well then.

Thanks again.

Correct, you’ll need a 4-5 interconnect to take the Stageline signal into the pre-amp.

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Thank you for the confirmation Richard :slight_smile:

Just ordered one from Flashback, then a Naim one when funds allow…assuming there’s a difference in SQ!

Oh, there is. The Naim 4-5 interconnect is optimum here.

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Thought there might be!
Next payday then… :smile:

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