Nait XS3 Humming noise from inside

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so I upgraded this week from my Uniti Atom to the Nait XS3 with Volumio Primo V2. So far everything is fine. But what really bothers me is the hum of the XS3, no matter if devices are connected or not. It doesn’t matter whether it’s plugged directly into the wall socket or the power strip, tried different cables also. My old Atom was absolutely silent, but the XS3 hums happily away and spoils the rest of my joy about my upgrade!

What can I do? Or is this a “feature” of the Nait series that you have to live with?

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Can you systematically switch everything else off, and does it then go away?
I’m thinking either dc offset, or simply a loose toroidal.
Or plug it in in someone else’s house?

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I have switched off all other consumers in the apartment, and nothing is connected to the XS3. And it does not matter to which connection in the whole house I connect the XS3. after a few seconds at the power connection I hear a constant hum from the housing of the XS3. Really disappointing at this price!

Unfortunately some Naim components do this. In addition to @robert_h ’s suggestions above, there is a very detailed thread which may help you track down the issue.

It would also be worth getting your dealer involved as it may just be down to sample variation and you could find that another XS3 doesn’t exhibit this issue on your mains supply.

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My then new Nova, May 2019, had an audible hum when within 2 or 3 feet from it. It did not hum through the speakers, just the unit itself.

After 5 or 6 weeks the hum just stopped & has never returned.

I would therefore notify your dealer in case there is a manufacturing issue, but give the unit a few weeks use to see if your unit cures itself as my Nova did.

Good luck.


My XS2 has been dead quiet for six years or more, and only recently, there is a minimal hum. For the moment, I am living with it. The sound is not coming through the speakers, though, from the toroidal transformer inside the XS2.

Once it starts diminishing my music listening pleasure, it will return to the shop for a fix or an SN3 or XS3.

I can only hear it when standing up close to the XS2.


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