Nait XS3 + NAC 282

This is my first post on the forum, sorry in advance for my English but to the point…

I have Nait Xs3+HicapDr+nd5xs2
I decided to join the Nac282 to later separate from the 250Dr
At the moment the 282 will play with the Xs3… is the jump significant with the addition of the Pre?

Is nd5xs2 enough for 282/xs3/250Dr??

The 282 is a great preamp. Powering it with the Hicap DR and using the Nait XS3 in Power amp mode should work nicely.

The ND5XS2 would work well with the combo you suggest, but it might also be worth trying an NDX2 into this combination (which you could then improve with an XPS or 555PS) vs the ND5XS2 with the 282 / Hicap / 250.


sometime ago I added 282 to Supernait 2 and the increase was significant, I think with XS will be even more!

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will i get by adding 282, more sound clarity? and greater detail ?

from my experience, the XS3 sounds warmed up, which causes it to lose detail, but on the other hand, you can listen to it for hours…

You can expect a big uplift in sound quality - detail, bass, soundstage, imaging etc. Basically more of everything. The 282 is a great pre-amp, no doubt.

Also prepare to be a bit overwhelmed at first. The level of clarity can take some getting used to.

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I am not sure about the Nait XS3 since I do not have experience with it. However, if it sounds close to the Nait XS1, it does sound warm with reduced detail, clarity and dynamics when compared to the 282 / 250DR. I listened to the Nait XS in my system about a decade ago and it sounded dull, partly because I’m using warm and laid back speakers (Harbeth). The 282 supercharged the sound and provided all the dynamics and excitement. If you want bold and vibrant, the 282 will give you that.

You can listen to the 282 for hours too if you get it right. With forward or revealing speakers, it can be too much of a good thing though.


Thanks for your help, if it really is as you describe here, it is certainly what I am looking for! my speakers do not play forward and their sound is also calm, it should be fine…

today I was contacted by my dealer, Nac 282 is waiting for me, tomorrow I pick it up and plug it in, I’m excited about this level of detail and overall big improvement of everything.

On the other hand, he realizes that it’s only half the way…
Nap 250Dr will certainly bring a lot more good!


Today I picked up and connected 282…
the changes that have taken place are amazing…
to the detail, control and overall power of the sound, beautiful saturated sound with a lot of air and space, it will be many years…
now I’m curious what the 250DR will bring, it will definitely be a control …
will the sound become even more pure and transparent?
what can I expect?

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