Nait XS3 - Review Hi Fi Choice

Thought this thread was about XS3,seems to have gone slightly off piste! Including a slightly derogatory remark about people using MM cartridges and not MC. I run RP6 with Ortofon Bronze ,Rega Fono2 ,and am very satisfied for of system includes SN3,XPSDR,CDX2,HCap,ATC 40’s,


It was because the HiFi Choice review referred to whether it was discreet , as all conversations do what starts off with one meanders into another

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Your right of course,there’s no end to thread meanderings!

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As long as they don’t end up with politics.

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Spot on :+1:

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Veering a little close to (Grey) Politics here…

I don’t get it.

Back to Basics was a political philosophy expoused by a British politician in the early 90’s . He was lampooned as being grey…

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Guys, I’m a little torn. I went to listen to the new xs3 integrated from my Naim dealer. At his shop we listened to the differences with Nait5si which was above xs3. The source was the ND5 xs2 as I have it at home and with the Nait5si for 4 years always on. Unfortunately at the beginning I didn’t perceive many and striking differences, let’s say it didn’t excite me as I hoped. Only with the Rolling Stones - Love in Vain song I heard instruments a little closer to me and cleaner but it wasn’t like day and night! Now I don’t know if it’s my ears, I’m not used to perceiving differences and in any case I’d like to replace my Nait5si with XS3 but I hope it’s worth it …

I got the XS3 last week, coming from a non Naim amp beforehand and using it with an ND5 XS2, I’m absolutely delighted with it!
There’s lots of bounce & energy with a nice refinement to the sound. It’s nearly approaching a week now, the bass has really filled out with plenty of detail.
Worth persevering as it matches nicely with the ND5 XS2.
My destination will definitely here as I’m very content with the pairing.


Richard doesn’t intervene? I’d love to hear from him.

Andrea, if you’re referring to me, I’m afraid I haven’t heard the NAIT XS3 yet, so couldn’t;t really comment.

And here it starts, don’t forget you can continue making worthwhile step ups to the amp without trading it in, first a Flatcap then maybe a NAP :sleeping: 200.

All will produce noticeable improvements.

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Andrea, I personally think you might want to take XS3 home with you and try it in your own system before passing judgment. At first the sound may not appear to sound that much different from what you have become accustomed to, but actually it will once you start ploughing through your music collection that you know really well. At least this was the case with me and my XS2 from 5si.

I find it quite difficult to evaluate things properly at a dealership, mainly because one needs the time spent to get used to what it is that they’re hearing. For me at a dealership the experience can often feel rushed. A home trial period is probably what you really need.

On the other, if you still end up not thinking it’s worth it then at least you have saved yourself a whole bunch of cash to spend on more music.


I’ve a 2M bronze / RB1000 / Cirkus Valhalla LP12 into 5 series phono boards powered by a separate HiCap, and am pretty sure this lot still isn’t good enough to get the best out of this rather capable MM cart!

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