Nait XS3 - Review Hi Fi Choice

Just to say that is a very approving four page review of the XS3 in the October HiFi Choice by David Price . It end with *“The Nait XS3 … delivers a more engrossing sound than it’s already capable predecessor - and gets back to basics with an excellent phono stage too”

A gold editor’s choice


It’s now posted on the Naim website. You can read it here:


It is seriously glowing, I liked the bit where they said they used the Naim Forums for customer research. :scream::scream::scream:

No such thing as a free lunch. I started out the traditional way with a Nait, followed by Flat Cap followed by power amp .

I have built up a serious dislike of five the boxes I have accumulated in my 202/200 stream love the sound, dislike the box count and I really wonder how good this would sound as an alternative to the 200 .

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Rave review of the Supernait 3 in the September edition of Hi-Fi+ too :wink:

Forgot. Also in the same edition, a glowing review of the Kudos Titan 505 too. Now that would be an interesting combination with the Supernait3 driving the Titan 505 - mullet-tastic perhaps, but I would hazard a guess that the SN3 would be up to the job.

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How many Naim users in here really use MM? I thought those spending more than average on HIFI normally go with MC. I use MC today with my Supernait 1 but used MM some years back when I had Nait 5i.

I use MM , a lot of users here have Rega 3 & 6s , not using a TT as their full time source .

I have a Michell Synchro with an Ortofon MM cartridge and next week I switch to Clearaudio also with a MM cartridge

Yes, an interesting point. I wonder how the SN3 phono stage would work with a SUT?

Likewise, i have an Ortofon Black MM (part worn) on my RP6 and can see my next move either replacing it with a MC and appropriate phono stage (more than likely an Aria). Or if I manage to save enough, a whole deck upgrade.


I liked the input from Steve Sells too.

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I do! I use a Shure V15 Type 3. Not everyone has the deep pockets to afford a cartridge that you have to dump every couple of years simply because the stylus is worn out!


We ran the SN3 with the Kudos Titan 505s this pst weekend at RMAF in Denver. It was definitely up to the task and rarely did we go past 9am on the volume control. Phono was another story. We were UPNP to a NDX2 from the core and it sounded really, really musical and good.


It only scores 83% in a Hi-Fi News review which is ‘middling’ in that magazine given that outstanding products are normally around 89-90+%. It also mentions that it is not a radical departure from the XS2 and suggests a modest improvement except for the new phono stage. It’s still a commended amplifier. Just goes to show how different reviewers perceive things and how different associated kit can affect outcomes. As usual the only ‘sane’ test is to try it in your own home with your own room acoustics…

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Interesting - thought they would be a good match together.

After chatting to Dave White from Kudos at the UK North West Audio show, he mentioned that he’d been experimenting at home with his Naim Nait2 driving his test Kudos 505s, although pushing the Nait to its limits it didn’t disgrace itself and he said he was really surprised at how good that pairing was, so the SN3 should easily cope.

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It’s a good review but I’m not sure the reviewer is entirely competent. He says the amp has a DR power supply on the preamp, which is not correct. As Naim are using this review on their website they’d better watch out for trades descriptions issues unless there is a disclaimer in place.

I guess I must be an atypical buyer then. I have the XS2 but feeding in to it is a Dynavector 20X2L MC cart through a Rega Aria stage.

I don’t think there is such a thing as an atypical Naim user , that’s why so many of us enjoy the system photos

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That I don’t follow. Are you confusing typical and atypical?

I should have said typical

Just took out a subscription to HFC, good price, I like the format

I have been a subscriber for more years than I care to think about, I also think that if all the money I spent on HiFi Magazines had been spent on my audio system…