Nait XS3 / SN3 successor

Hello All, quick question - any ideas if this Year can we expect any news about new version of XS3 or SN3 - both are already more then 5Y so this or maybe next year successors should come (maybe with refreshed white logo light + some fine tuning inside??). Any information very welcome as I’m planning to buy either one. Thanks!

As I have already posted on here, later this summer (should be around August) Naim will be releasing a new white logo version of the Supernait 3 so I think that would indicate that the SN3 will be with us a bit longer.


Hello Richard, thanks for your note and info, so to be clear - new white logo version of the Supernait 3 will be just new light of the logo(no sound upgrade) ? is this the same to be planned to XS3 (meaning new light and still XS3 will stay longer as XS3)? do you see already any promo to SN3 on EU countries level ? again - thanks a lot !

I’ve only been made aware of the SN3 white logo change.check with your distributor for any summer promo they may be running.

In my opinion only, the SN3 doesn’t need updating at all. It sounds fantastic and gives me pleasure every time I listen to mine. Updating the logo to white is a nice gesture.


Ah, but who knows? Perhaps the white light version will sound much better than the original. :star_struck:


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I feel same way with the XS3, would be difficult to change much that would have any real meaning overall. Fine just the way it is. But as we all know, things change for change sake at times, although Naim hasn’t been that way in general. I see it going away and new whatever series will takes its place. Nice to see the SN3 gets some more time though.


If I would have followed advice here and updated my source first, I’m not sure I would have moved on so quickly from a XS2/XS3. XS series is also very good but I’m afraid they don’t get as much love which is a shame.


Got it, thanks

If your looking for second hand stuff?, both SN2 and SN3 are relly good purchase these days.
IMO XS is too expensive for what you get.
You could buy s/h Naim seperates at current XS3 RRP.
My guess XS3 is soon to be discontinued.

But whatever new range coming up from Naim is hard to guess.
By the release of NC 200 and 300 range, it would be logical with a NC 100 range implementing the new look.
They released a 150w Nova PE with Class D module, in itself a surpricing move.
Perhaps upcoming amps will be Class D, as spec/watt seem to be a selling point now.

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Hi, so if XS3 is like 2500-3000 EUR I was seriously consider used SN2 or even SN3, however as you wrote separates may be even better choice - can you advice which exaclly model you meant in your post?

So the question would be which used separates do you recommend at 3000 EUR instead of used SN2/3. Thanks a lot!!

I own a XS3. I bought it new to replace a NAIT3 I’d owned for many years. I bought it about 2 years ago and have been very happy with it.

On a bit of an expensive whim I recently bought a NAC42.4 & NAP110. I had plans to use them separately, but tried both together temporarily in place of the XS3. I haven’t reverted back to the XS3 yet. Which I’m a bit fed up about to be honest X) I think the bass control of the XS3 is better, but overall I’m fairly sure I prefer the 30 year old combo.

42.5/110 combos are even cheaper than used SN2/SN3 money, and depending on the features you need might be an option.

The NAIT50 is another option, possibly pointing to the SQ attributes of any new integrateds, but also apparently sounding great in its own right, available from a few dealers still at less than new XS3 retail prices

EUR3k likely buys an olive 82/HiCap/250 - just about. I would think that’s a very good sounding setup.


I can endorse the NAC125XS, Flatcap XS, NAP155XS. I consider mine to be astonishing value.

Compared with either the SN2 or SN3 you will not gain DR tech.

But you will stay true to Naim’s core principle of separating power supplies from the delicate bits of amplifiers. Depends what is important to you.

Get yourself a hicap and run the 42.5 into the xs in amp mode.

Your recent experiences were a contributory factor in pulling the trigger on the 42.5/110 - it was your fault :wink:

The XS3 can power the 42.5, I tried that. I was expecting it to better the 110, but it didn’t immediately and obviously do so for me. I will try again, giving it longer to listen. That was the plan actually, run the 42.5 into the XS3, and use the 110 with my Unitiqute.

I’m considering looking out for a HiCap - but also the combination is already incredibly enjoyable, I’m pretty happy with it as is!

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Ah, apologies for making you spend money. :grinning:

I found that releasing the xs to just power the amp does make a difference. I think this is now going to be my permanent second system.

The Spendors take a bit of driving properly and with the hicap dr powering the 62, it releases the xs to do the heavy lifting of driving the Spendors. It is so good I will now improve the lp12 with a hana ml. It will bring the streamer (auralic) and lp12 to a similar level. The xs amp has turned put to be an uncelebrated champion.


No apologies needed, it’s been a very interesting experience, the CB amps look and sound spectacular, and hopefully it’s all useful information for the OP! :slight_smile:

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