Nait xs3

Finally. I’ve done it. My first Naim purchase arrived today.

The Nait XS3 was purchased to replace a circa 2013 Sugden A21ai Series 2.

Speakers (also a recent purchase) are PMC TwentyFive 22i. Sources are Rotel Diamond DT-6000 CD/DAC, Rega P6, Bluesound Node130.

Back to the XS3. Obviously it’s new and there’s all that business about honeymoon period, but…wow.

It’s doing everything I expected and then some. The Sugden is no slouch but the XS3 is more articulate at all volume levels, less treacle like. Bass is faster, easier to discern and follow. I don’t know, words are inadequate but this is a major improvement for my tastes.


Great to read this, I’ve had a XS3 for a year or so and love the music coming from it!

The A21a was an amp I always wanted in my youth, I think I did once hear one at a dealer on Tottenham Court Road back in the 90s, and recall being startled at some tinkly bells it rendered beautifully :slight_smile:

[edit: not a very interesting story I admit, but that memory stuck in my mind for some reason!]


Sugden is a class Act (see what I did there? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) but a different sound and approach altogether. Truthfully I wanted something with a bit more slam and frankly a bit less of a radiator, especially in the Australian summers.

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Congrats, cracking amp, how’s that CD player? (Read some very positive reviews) and my last Rotel was an absolute giant killer, the RCD 965BX, what a player that was for £300 I think back in the day. Still going strong in my parents system made up of lots of my spare parts.


Congratulations, my introduction to NAIM was with A NAIT XS 2 and loved the sound!

Watch out, it started me on a slippery slope with more NAIM products at a rapid pace. Now retired and have reached my final system configuration… at least that is what I tell myself!


Never say never sir :grin:


Fantastic amplifiers the XS series - if you have not done so already, may i suggest you have some NAC A5 speaker cables made up by a ‘die-hard’ veteran expert. Read the manual, it’s all there. Enjoy!:slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations. Doubtless a wise choice. I bought my sn3 a year ago and it sounded great out of the box but it has just got better and better. Hope you have the same experience.


As someone who also started with XS2 and fell in love with the sound, I wonder what is your current (never say final :wink:) configuration?

If I’m being honest, I should have kept my XS2 a little longer. Knowing what I know now I should have upped my source at the time.

Don’t get me wrong I love my SN3 it’s just that at the time I probably didn’t know what my xs2 was fully capable of. If I would have had a better source at the time perhaps I wouldn’t have traded it for a SN3. Lesson learned.

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