Nait2 CB Sonab Speaker cable question

I have bought some 1973 Sonab OB 14 speakers. A Swedish design with upward firing woofer akin to some Shahinian models. I intend connecting them to a Nait 2 for my kids flat. The issue is the the speaker cables are made of the typical thin wire of the era , terminating with a DIN2 female plug that attaches to the speaker. If I got the amplifier end of these cables fitted with correct naim pins, would this cable be any good with the Nait? Or should I try to get some new DIN 2 female plugs attached to some A5 cable I already own?

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I knew there was something wrong with that title and it took a while, and the help of Mr Google, to bring it back. It’s Sonab. Not Sonolab. Phew.

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Thanks for that HH. Corrected. I heard a pair back in 1977 and always hankered for some.

I saw the picture, knew what they were but it took ages to recall. If it were me I’d just solder on some 4mm plugs and enjoy them.

Will do. The simplest answer is often the best. I was just concerned the cable impedence may not be suitable for the Nait, but perhaps I am overthinking it.

It’s a simple untwisted multi stranded cable and should be fine. QED 56 strand was fine for Naim before NACA4 appeared. If the Nait gets too warm then change to NACA5.

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These plugs would fit nicely on my old B&O stuff.

It should be fine although I’d probably want to change the cable to something a little better but of similar overall construction.

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Those are nice looking Sonab! Most of the ones I see these days are pretty ratty! Enjoy, I think they are a fun speaker to play with!

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Thanks @Frazeur1 . It is amazing what some pledge and elbow grease can achieve!:grinning:

All is well. Steve at Real Music Wellington put on 4mm lugs for plugging into amp. The original DIN2 plugs remain. With Bluesound Node 2i and Tidal the Sonabs sound just great and seem to have better bass but a less refined treble than the Ovator400s. I’ll stick to the ordinal speaker cables for the time being.

I’ll be moving the system to the kids flat hence the messy appearance. The Blumenstein Orcas were good as well but physics dictate they simply do not compare to the Sonlabs in richness of sound. Not bad for £100!

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