Nait3 or NAC92

My 1996 Nait3 was converted in 1998 to a pre-amp, NAC92 by my local Naim dealer who also fitted phono boards. It was used with a NAP140 until 2018 and is unused since. I intend to sell it and my question is, should I have the dealer convert it back to a Nait3 or sell it as is - a NAC92?

I suspect there is more demand for Naits so I would get it converted back. Always assuming one can.

What is the cost of conversion vs the expected selling price of either?

My view was that the NAC92 was not a particularly in-demand pre amp so I’d be better off selling it as a Nait3. The dealer who did the conversion is still going and said it wouldn’t “cost much” to reattach the links that he removed. He just had to remember how to do it!:joy:

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Worth doing then, I think. The nait would have more of a market.

Its a ten minute job to reverse back to a Nait 3.

Many years ago Naim did a do it yourself kit, I purchased one from Zen Audio in Hull (he retired years ago) and converted my Nait 3 to a NAC92.

NAP180 was then connected and my jaw hit the floor!

As others have mentioned the Nait 3 is more desirable and worth more than the 92 on the used market.

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Another thing Naim used to supply as a DIY was CD player PIC updates and supplied a bag with the chip lifter and replacement chip how times have changed.

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Can’t recall what the conversion cost 20 odd years ago but I loved the results with a 140 and I’m still using it

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Just for reference I bought a mint Nait 3 for £310 on a well known auction site and it includes an MM phono cards.

Thanks for the tip, it would seem sensible to get it converted back to a NAIT3 before selling.

Don’t forget the pic chip lifting tool as well as the ESD strap that were both also included…

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