Nait50 hum part 2

Put the Creek 4040 on and zero hum. Grr!
I will put the Nait50 back in the house for now.

Is this perceived to be a common problem?

I have no hum at all with my Nait50, fronted by LP12/ARO/Troika and with Falcon LS3/5As.

Of course!

No, with Sondek was the same or possibly worse.
Now the Sondek is gone btw

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My sevice manager did a similar solution
Now with DVD5 is sorted without.
Next week a CDX2-2 will come in btw

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No idea. Glad you don’t have this issue.

Is the DG1 powered by the basic wall wart power supply, or by the upgrade PSU with an IEC mains lead? Think it’s called the Challenger.

If the latter, I have a neighbour using that combo (into 122x, 155x via stageline), and apparently using the challenger changes the earthing arrangement to via the mains lead. Try leaving the RCAs connected, but disconnect the ground lead at both ends between the turntable and Nait .

Hope this helps

Hi There, Thanks for your reply.

I’m actually using the basic wallmart connector.
I think you are on to something though as when I switch off the wallmart the humming stops.

I will have a play around over the weekend to see if I can figure out the problem.

Ok I have brought the Nait 50 back into the main house.
When I plug it in but nothing connected to it I get a loud hum from the phono input but the other 2 are ok.
As soon as I connect the Vertere DG1 & switch it on I get the loud hum again.
The Nait 50 seems to be affected by the Walmart power supply.
If I plug my old Rega Planar 3 into the phono stage. It’s all silent no hum at all.
By the way the earth lead from Planar 3 is missing so earth grounding terminal on Nait50 is bare.
Really weird and frustrating.
I have not tried @garcon idea yet of connecting a lead to earth via a plug but I might have to.

Anybody figure out what’s going on?

Ground loop issue somewhere. Finding out where can be tricky. Having them is common with turntables and phono amps.

Do some search on this topic and you will find many proposals how to solve them.

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Ok Thanks will do. By the way I tried @CharlieCroker suggestion of disconnecting earth lead at turntable & amp end but sadly this made no difference.

Are you sure there ever was one…? Modern Rega’s don’t seem to have a separate earth or ground lead…

(Rega earth everything signal wise, via the screen on one of the phono’s, I believe)

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Correct :+1:

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Rega - a bit weird, but… effective… :slightly_smiling_face:

My partner has a Planar 3 running into a Rega Brio - and its fine (unless you partly unplug the Wall Wart psu…).

When I had rega I had to unscrew one screw on the power box and connect a cable from it to the ground pin on the power distributor to get rid of the hum. There is a video on this on YouTube.

Hmm not sure. You could be right. Anyhow the Rega works fine with the Nait50 but the Vertere does not.
Hum di Hum!


The ‘classic’ or normal way to earth things is as Linn do. The motor and chassis are earthed or grounded via the PSU and/or mains lead. The arm ground is isolated (from the motor/chassis) and goes via a separate earth or ground lead run along with the outputs, to an earth or ground terminal on the preamp.

My LP12 is like that. It Works.

Yep I have an LP12 in my main system. When I plugged Nait50 in it worked fine. Mind you I wasnt using its phono stage but a line into a Uphorik so no surprises really.

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That approach of disconnecting the earth lead at both ends is only apparently recommended when using the Challenger upgrade power supply.

Might be worth a tech support email to Vertere for clarification?