Nait50 hum part 2

So, our local distributor Green Sounds & Naim, kindly agreed for a swap with a new unit. This Is a little better but still humming, either with Rega P3 and dvd player connected or not. At the end i connected a spare DVD 5 i had around, and with this acting like earthing, is finally absolutely silent. I’ m afraid that It would its only purpouse, since playing CD on this Is like using a 50 yo BMW without spares. In fact i can’ t even open the drawer now.
However, i’ d be curious if anyone of you, using the Nait50 with a single source, turntable or non Naim digital players, have humming issues.

For the record, the RP3 into Nait50 Is fantastic. I much prefer this ti Sondek/Akito/Adikt into into Stageline that i’ ve already consigned to my Naim dealer

Then you can at least rule out that it’s due to Nait50, it’s highly unlikely that two devices would have the same problem.

One guess is that the fault is somewhere in your power supply chain :man_shrugging:

I have a Nait50, with LP12/ARO/Troika and Ortofon SUT as source,

powering Falcon LS3/5As - absolutely no hum at all.

So, whatever the source of your hum may be, it certainly isn’t an inherent feature of the Nait50.


In the other room besides, with active IBLs, i have no hum at all, as well as in the other systems. Iwill eventually try It in other rooms

Unfortunately the Nait 50 doesn’t have a floating ground switch so needs the turntable earth to be utilised or a hum will be louder than usual when switching to the phono input when nothing is connected to that.

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It would be the first thing I would have tried in that case. And unplug all extension cords and similar things that might interfere.

Transformer hum or hum coming from the speakers?


Though, the hum was present even on line inputs without turntable.

Is the hum the same when no inputs are connected.

Neither you Rega nor (unless a rare bird) DVD are earthed.

Just as a sneaky extra - is your DVD player connected to a TV, communal aerial, Streaming box or - anything?

The hum Is even more without anything connected. The previous DVD, Sony was only connected to Nait50 with a RCA/Din cable. It has a Power cord without earthing. Now with Naim DVD5 Is absolutely fine

And you mean hum coming from your speakers?

I will guess that it would be fine with a Linn LP12 connected.

Rega TT’s seem to have a rather odd earthing scheme.

Funny enough I am having the same problem.
I have just moved my Nait 50/Vertere DG1 to another room in an outbuilding.
I had previously had the Nait50 connected in my main system in this same outbuilding but upstairs with zero hum.
This was connected to an LP12 through a Uphorik. No problems at all.

I had also run this Nait50/Vertere DG1 combination in my house(different building) without any hum issues.

The outbuilding has its own consumer box and is wired from that.
The feed from this consumer box comes from the consumer box in the main house.

Trying to isolate what’s causing the hum.
If I switch off the power supply for the Vertere the hum disappears.
If I disconnect the Vertere phono & earth connections to the Nait50 & also disconnect Vertere power supply.
In other words Nait50 powered up with nothing connected I still have the hum!

Any ideas before I put the Nait50 back in the house and try an old Creek 4040?

By the way it’s hum coming from the speakers.

Ground the Nait 50 to the earth in the mains socket

I don’t know which countries people are based in but could this be a mains polarity issue?

UK are kind of restricted here with the 13A plug but the European Schuko has a choice of orientation in the socket.


I am in UK. Don’t think it’s polarity issue.

I tried to say this in the previous N50 hum thread but I think someone told me my post was redundant and already discussed - anyway, just in case of any help, this is what I’ve done and I have no hum.
Without the grounding my N50 hums, it’s loudest when connected to nothing (and not surprisingly, more the phono line than the rest).

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Ok Thank you. I might give that a try.
Funny thing is it worked fine in the other building.

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