Nait50 hum

Roberto is absolutely right. I’ve heard his Nait50 at his place and the noise is a serious hum from possibly an internal failure. It hums loudly with no equipment plugged in and it’s not normal. We have checked everything but clearly something went wrong.

Roberto, have the unit sent for repair, period. It’s in full warranty and its behavior is unacceptable. Here you’ll only get suggestions on the lines that you may possibly have missed or ignored some procedure.


You’ve done your best to diagnose the problem, and it would seem to indicate a fault, so time to get the supplying dealer involved to get it sorted.


My Nait50 doesn’t hum, but it sings nicely if supplied with some nice LPs!

Proof Is, that as i already pointed out, i have Nait50 since last September and It was absolutely fine 'til the Sondek arrival

Best let the dealer sort it out properly you could bandy words for weeks and not get an answer.
What I’ve missed is if it’s audible hum through the speakers or if it’s a mechanical hum from the box with nothing connected.
Either way if it’s changed with nothing happening then seems like a possible fault.

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