Nait50 hum

Second issue now. The Nait50 i bought last September and working fine until a few weeks ago, Is now humming either on phono input, at a lesser extent on stream, where a CD Is connected and at the same level on aux. I carried this along at LASA for a check, and he Is insisting that in order to sport this, i had to connect this cable between the Mass connection of the phono input and the earthing screw of the chassis

I told him no way, since It was fine at the beginning and l’ d rather get rid of this than use such remedy

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Not sure that will help unless it’s only the TT that hums.
The key thing is to ensure one and only one source is earth grounded.

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Same here have fixed what’s changed don’t add a fudge to fix.

Absolutely not in fact

It definetely hummed either with Sondek and Rega. Now Is connected Rega P3 and a CD player and Is humming on everyone

Ok it sounds like there is no earth grounded source.
If you had a Naim source you would flip the ground button to chassis on the Naim source. On non Naim sources if not earth grounded, you will need to connect the signal ground to the earth pin of a mains plug, or the chassis ground connector on the Nait50… though I haven’t tried the latter, but I assume the ground connector on the Nait50 is connected to Mains earth.

The point Is that at the beginning with the RP3 alone, same room, same Power block, itwas perfectly quiet

Return it under warranty and have it repaired or replaced, such a solution I would never accept.



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What happens if you remove the cd player so only the turntable is connected to the amp?

It’ s humming more still. The point Is that my friend’s one Is perfectly quiet. Same Is for the one at his dealer on demo

My bets go towards the Rega and the usual ground issues. Remove the Rega from all signal and power connections and listen to CD only and there will be silence.

Rega has their own way working with ground compared to most other turntables. I had to make my own ground to the Rega power supply to get silence in my system when I had it. I had so much quality trouble with Rega so never again but that’s a different story.


It doesn’t change, i had the Rega alone from the beginning and was absolutely quiet. Definetely something have gone wrong. The arrival of Linn cursed the rest

I’m a bit confused. Looking at your profile, I can’t see a reference to a Nait 50 or Rega deck.

Plus, what Linn component are you referring to?


If my profile Is entirely visible, Rega P3/24 & Nait50 are part of system N.4

Linn Sondek arrived last week, now with system N.2 and hope Will find a new home soon

Thanks for that. It appears that I didn’t scroll down far enough.


Do you have things connected to same power strip in the middle of the floor that is connected to say a tv? Ground loops to tv Antenna is common too. Maybe unplug that thing that goes to the right side of your room from the strip on the floor if they get different potential to ground.

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IIRC, you have other Naim kit available. Just to eliminate a few unknowns, can you take a Naim CD player or Network player which has a known signal earth / mains earth connection, and just try that with the NAIT50.

No other sources connected and without that extra wire in place.

Does it still hum ?

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My Lingo LP12 needed a Linn Conn 401 lead with Nait 50 to remove hum. Not an issue with my Valhalla LP12 due to different earthing arrangement. I think more modern LP12s are also fine.

Perhaps ask my dealer Colin Macey at What You See and Hear if stuck.

Actually, almost all amplifiers that are intented to be used with the TT have the screw on the aft side to make possible to connect to the TT chassis.
It is a bit difficult to find who to blame - amp, TT, mains, etc, and this thing is a quite reliable option.
So, worth trying, at least.