Nait50 - Meridian Explorer -SMH re computer audio


I have committed for the Nait50 and thought I had a front end solution. The Meridian Explorer, if I could get it to work, takes up no shelf space, and lets Nait50 be the star of the room. If only…

I have a Meridian Explorer USB DAC, 10+ years old, and all the cables to hook it up. Using a portable audio Miniplug to Naim DIN, it will play Apple Music, with a single LED on. I can not get it to play with Quobuz or Roon. What I love about it is that it is paid for, on hand, lightly used, sounds good, and it works. It is no Qutest, but it does have a Chord iKable long enough to make it work for my computer remote control setup.

I have a 500 system downstairs with an Eero network, and it all works upstairs with a Supernait3 and Chord HugoTT2. Roon sees the Chord HugoTT2 but not the Meridian Explorer. Quobuz does not see it either. Please Help!

It is like both Roon and Quobuz have a firewall vs. these Meridian DAC’s.

Please let me know what you think. Nait50 is on the way in due course.

I’m not completely sure how roon connects to your chord Hugo and how you expect it to connect to the meridian explorer?

Your ND555 is a roon ready but a chord DAC Hugo TT needs something else connected to it for roon to see it .

Can you fully describe your setup?



Downstairs is wireless EERO via cable to ND555. Also have a wireless hard drive full of vinyl. Run it all using the Naim App.

Upstairs is a MBP front end streaming Roon or Quobuz into Chord HugoTT via Chord cables into a SN3 and nSats. This will all run, including my computer files and hard drive, via Roon, using my MBP front end.

Pending is a Nait50 into either the nSat or a pair of Proac Tab10Sig. Front end TBD. TV plus the Meridian would get me started.

Thanks for asking. My question is why will Apple Music drive the Meridian Explorer and neither the Quobuz nor the Roon see the Meridian. The Mac sees it and can select the Meridian but nothing happens.

Thanks for your thoughts.


So the meridian is connected by USB to the mac but in roon settings audio settings the meridian doesn’t show up as connected to core to allow you to enable it?


Correct. And Meridian streams Apple Music from the MBP to the SN3. Crazy, Apple Music works. Neither Roon nor Quobuz works.

I use an explorer on my roon core. Try it in a different usb socket because it definitely should work.

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Fixed it. Needed to enable Meridian Explorer in Audio Settings. All three Meridian lights are on now. Also runs Quobuz, too. Sorry for the false alarm.

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