NaitXS-2 to 72/140

Thinking of selling the XS and going Olive. Is this a side ways step or would I gain anything. Prime source is an LP12 and vinyl

That’s a great combination with an LP12. Add a Hicap later. Just make sure they’ve been serviced and not messed with and you’ll have a fine amplifier. What speakers are you intending to use ?

Got PMC GB1i. Hi Cap would definitely be an option.

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Nice speakers I I used to have pair. I’m not sure what you’re doing for a phono stage but with the right cards you can do this internally with the 72.

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Looking for one with cards. Using a stageline N at the moment. Remember you used to run PMC when I used to post on the old forum

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Ah I see. I must admit to owning all the components you mention (apart from an XS rather than an XS2) albeit not all at the same time. I’ll be interested in what you end up with and what you think of classic vs new Naim


Steve, What lies beneath your idea? What are you hoping for? What is missing?


Surely Naim would not have spent lots of time and money to progress their products if the newer products didn’t sound better? The XS is a lovely amp!

You might be surprised. A 72/140 throttles a 112/150. My CB 250 is clearly better than the 250.2 I briefly had.

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Always wanted an Olive system ever since I heard one years ago. Nothing really lacking with the XS but just fancy a change. I very rarely listen to digital sources mostly to vinyl so the thinking is the Olive range was voiced more for vinyl then digital.
Also the wife hates the look of the black boxes. The Olive range suits her vintage decor :joy::joy::joy:


Update. Got a serviced NAC 62 on its way and hopefully a NAP 180 by the end of next week.


180 now here just waiting for 62 now :smile:


NAC 62 arrived :smile:image


Well you’ve certainly got me in suspenders.

Just waiting on a link plug and bnc adapters. Looks like I’ll be sending wife and daughter out Saturday :joy::joy::joy:

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Make sure you get good cables, the bnc adapters should only be a temp solution.

Hopefully, you already have the NAP warming up for Saturday, even if you cannot yet connect it to your new 62… :slight_smile:

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Couldn’t wait😄 sounds wonderful apart from no right channel on phono input so will have open it up and check boards.
Wife noticed the difference straight away. Said it sounds warmer and clearer then the XS and that’s on digital

Phono boards loose all sorted now. Definitely an improvement over the Stageline and Nait XS. Next step HiCap after the old kit has sold :smile:

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