Nakamichi 582 Cassette Deck

I had planned to install my antique Nakamichi cassette deck at the bottom of the brain rack in a spot vacated by the might NAP500. Alas its too wide – so need an alternative solution. When i am feeling up to I might figure something out but this will probably be on the brawn side – sitting on top of the final top medium shelf. We’ll see…



What about mana reference top and table😚

I think you’d better put it on the top of the rack, it will easier to reach

The 582 is a big deck, both in depth and in width. I have found that it has to go on top as few if any racks have lower shelves that are wide enough to take it. Note in this pic that the BX-300E fits in the lower shelf, whereas the 582 is a monster by comparison.

Here you can see it compared to a normal sized deck of similar type (Hitachi D-E95).


Fantastic deck, I had mine for over 20 years til the plastic finally warped and couldn’t be replaced.


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I had a Nakamichi 581 deck and a NR 200 noise reduction unit from new which I bought from Unilet in New Malden in 1981. I had it serviced at B & W twice during my tenure till 2016 when I sold it 2016 to a guy in Norway who owned 16 Nakamichi machines.
Great machine.




That’s a useful picture Richard – i was actually wondering if the582 would sit ‘true’ on the fraim glass – but your picture shows it can. and yes, i agree – top shelf seems the only option.

be great to hear the 582 again!! and i still have some very old tapes! Apparently, cassette tapes are making a come back!!


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This bring back memories, I changed my 5xx? to a 670zx and recorded the Africa Live Aid concert around 1985 from my Kenwood tuner.
Still have tapes but no longer a deck. :sleepy:

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Got the Nakamichi 581 from the loft today – and after shifting things about a bit on my Fraim – its now installed – atop the brawn rack – that was the easiest thing to do and i wasn’t going to spend too much time on this. Its playing as i type – and it sounds surprisingly quite fine. I cant recall now – its probably been something like - gosh - 5 or more years since i last played it?

How retro is that!!?



I had a Nak LX-5 and a CR-7a I liked the LX-5 best!

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