NAP 135 question

Exactly!! I clearly stated “If you look at a ship from the front”, not “If you are standing aboard a ship”. The left and right component is therefore reversed.

My post was never meant to be navigationally correct, just an aide memoir for getting din-xlr cables correctly connected.

All it does is create confusion with suggesting quite wrongly that an approaching ship’s sides can be reversed by a casual observer who wants to claim the left side of the ship is starboard and the right side port. It is wrong and misleading.

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I think you are just trying to wind me up. The point was that in the analogy, red is right and green is left. If you want to get pedantic about navigational correctness in the context a hifi forum analogy, then go ahead, knock yourself out. sigh!

So much easier if stereo systems used, left and right, L & R throughout

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At least we can agree that nautical vessel lights analogy doesn’t work with audio, the red and green lights in reference to left and right go opposite ways around.

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No, I do not agree. The analogy is good and has served me well for decades.

Let me start again. I will re-word the part which is confusing you, and omit the words “port” and “starboard” -

If you observe a ship coming towards you, the navigation lights would appear to you as: red on the right, green on the left.

Remember, you are NOT on the ship, you are observing it coming towards you.

Let’s also remember that my post was as a result of @Thegreatroberto ‘s post and @Richard.Dane ‘s response, which put me in mind of navigation lights and how I’ve used them to help me with din-xlr cables.

Thanks, Richard. The 135s I bought did not include any cable, hence all these questions. I’ll get the Witch Hat mono cables.

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