Nap 140 or nap 250

hi what do i do keep my olive nap 140 using my soon to arive napsc with my soon to arive nac82 and my hi cap or do i get an olivenap 250 is it really gonna sound much different to to the nap 140 my son has new napsc nac 282 new hi cp2 dr and new nap 250 dr it sounds the 250 very simular to me hearing his set up and my set up which is simular nac202 napsc hicap 2 nap 140 ?

I have had or have 140 and 250 and I think the answer is 250.


An olive 250 is a significant improvement on the 140, good though that is. You should hear a big difference.


Make sure it has been serviced if necessary, Naim will advise the service history if you email the s/no. It makes a big difference if it is overdue.


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I went very quickly from a 102/hicap/140 to 82/supercap/250 (chrome)all serviced and really enjoyed the shift in control/speed and sound.
Currently using the 140 whilst the 250 is being serviced and suffice to say I miss my 250 !

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Nap 140 and 250 are the same amp boards, but 250 with a beefier regulated PSU.
It depends on room and loudspeakers.
If little room and easy speakers I’d pick a 140.
Otherwise a 250 provided its recently serviced, as very old.

Similar - maybe… :crazy_face:
Same - no.

The 140 is an un-regulated amp - whereas the 250 is regulated.
Regulated amps are unusual, in HiFi.

I upgraded from a NAP110 to a NAP250, in 1985. I have continued to use that 250 ever since.

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Years ago, I changed from 140 to 250 (both CB)…the 250 was easily audible as being better.