Nap 160 mains lead

hi all, I have a bolt down nap 160 and want to upgrade the mains lead but it has the small round plug at the back, does anybody know if I can get a lead with said plug. neil

I doubt you’ll get one with a Bulgin plug off the shelf. You may be able to get one custom made, but probably best to just buy a Bulgin plug and fit it yourself or ask someone to do it for you.

Neil - the other thing you could do is get a short lead made up, Bulgin to IEC male socket, then you have more choice in off the shelf mains cables. To be honest, apart from checking all connections are tight in the mains plug (strip back to fresh copper if needed) I’d leave it alone.

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thank you richard

thank you james

hi Richard, I didn’t know what the plugs were called, I have had a look on line and found a company called who do cables with bulgin plugs called power black range and in there write up mention naim , do you know anything about this companies products. thanks in advance. neil

You have to be a little bit careful talking about the company you mention, as they also make power supply units, discussion of which is strictly outside the forum rules. As a cable supplier, though, I wouldn’t hesitate to trust him.

No, I couldn’t comment here. Sorry.

hi Richard, I am sorry for my error, not to clear on what I have done but I will not mention this again. neil

hi Richard, re read the rules and re visited another place, I now understand my mistake.

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