Nap 200 not working with Uniti Atom

Hi all - first post on here and praying you can help. I’ve had an Atom for about a year and recently purchased some Kef LS50. To get an extra bit of ooomph I also demo’d a Nap 200 DR. Sounded amazing. So after looking on here, I read that if the Nap 200 DR was paired with the Atom, the DR bit was basically redundant. Therefore I purchased a second hand ex-demo Nap 200 and a Chord Cobra 4 pin din to RCA. Having just tried to play for the first time, and having everything connected to the correct inputs/outputs I am getting nothing. The only noise I get is when I power down the nap 200 so I know it’s connected to the speakers ok. Also I’ve tried the speakers through just the Atom and again all good. Does this mean my interconnect is goosed? Or is there something I’m missing?! Many thanks in advance!!

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You need phono to din, not din to phono. Din to phono uses the output pins of the din, whereas phono to din uses the input pins.

Is the i/c RCA to DIN or Din to RCA? You need the former.

Richard/Halibut - many thanks! I have indeed purchased Din-Phono. Really didn’t think there was a difference! Thanks so much, I’m going to need my tunes now more than ever I think!!!

Any recommendations on where to get this/what cable is a good choice?

If you have a soldering iron you can change the pins at the din end. Otherwise, Flashback Sales are very good. Just make sure you specify phono to din.


I’d take the Flashback sales advice mentioned above for the correct cable - Dave is very good and will sort you out with just what you need. Get the connections wrong on the DIN end with a NAP200 and you can put 24v where you don’t want it. That can turn out expensive !

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This is the correct one then?

Hard to tell. It appears to have a ring collar nearest the DIN. If it were a Naim interconnect that might signify it was DIN at source, although luckily on the Naim i/c the RCA tails have the direction printed on them.

To be sure you should call and confirm.

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Having looked at the Flashback site, the cable looks to be the right one. The accompanying information specifically mentions connection of a preamp to a NAP 200. I’ll post a screenshot here so that @Richard.Dane can check I’m correct.

Many thanks to both of you for your help - new cable works like a charm!

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That’s great. Thanks for letting us know. Now you can enjoy your music.

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