Nap 200

Hi guys,
i purchased a used nap 200 (12 years) for my nac 202. there’s a loud switch off thump, considerably more than on my old nap 155 xs.
is there a chance of reducing the thump when using a hicap for the nac 202?

Thanks for your help

Leave it on and only turn if off when really necessary (cleaning / thunderstorms)?


I had a similar problem with my NAC202 & NAP200 and kept them switched on to prevent this. However when I added the NAPSC 2 power supply the problem stopped. Also I found that the sound quality improved, the real reason for adding the supply. Sound quality was further enhanced adding a HICAP DR to the NAC202.

Thanks for your ideas. i have added a hicap to the nac 202 and the switch off thump is much less louder than before…problem solved. And i have to say i was skeptical if the hicap will improve the sound quality. i bought a second hand hicap and the sound quality improvement was really big, no kidding.
i am thinking of upgrading my audio source. currently i use the nd5xs and the display went out 3 years ago. i wonder if it is a good idea to buy a second hand ndx/nds or stick to the next generation nd5xs2/ndx2.

Adding a HiCap will not change this. Its the Power Amp. In my experience, all Naim power amps do this, to varying degrees. Its Naim Normal…

You say your NAP200 12 years old - so its due for a Service…? Address that as soon as you can. Might help.

The bigger the power amp the bigger the thump, its normal.

I’d disagree with that - when I turned off my 300DR there was minimal thump, just a little noise. It was far far quieter than the older olive and chrome stuff. Maybe the DR is the key.

Maybe so, my none DR 300 certainly makes sure the SL2s are at full attention when you turn on the amp.

My Nait2 and previously a NAP100 there’s a whimsical noise on power up.

Hi Ian,
already thought about that. But with Naim it is about 500 Euros in my country and class A in sheffield dont do service anymore for eu countries since Brexit…

Unfortunately, thats the flip-side of Brexit. Shame - it would likely cost only around £200 plus shipping, if Class A did it for you.

I read a while ago on this forum a post by @NeilS that Green Sound in Piacenza is an approved service center. That is within the EU. Maybe worth exploring that option …

We need something like Class A audio on the continent.

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The next gen streamers are much much better ime. I’d also say that the 200 is a fine amp, nimble and musical, but at 12yo may be needing a bit of tlc (as noted) back at Naim hq.


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