Nap 200

Hi could anyone please give me some advice,would a nap 200 drive ATC scm40 MK2 speakers thanks rick.

It would but you wouldn’t like it
It works just fine with 7’s, 11’s and quite good with 19’s

I wouldn’t consider the 40s without a 250DR.

What’s upstream Rick?

Also, have you considered a NAP200DR?


The 200DR will only help him if he powers a pre with it, but alas there is no system list in the profile

My streamer is a Linn akurate dsm

Hi my system is melco hardrive,Linn akurate dsm kat, accuphase e380 amp,ATC 40 MK2.

As this is an integrated, are you considering to run its line out into the 200?

No replace the accuphase amp

I see. The Accu has more output power, though :slight_smile: What preamp are you planning to use? Or direct from the Linn into the 200?

I was thinking of NAC 202 or 282

Things are becoming clearer :slight_smile: What don’t you like about the Accuphase & SMC40 that you hope the 200 will do better? It might help others to give advice


It sounds abit lean & boring not exciting

My understanding is that the lower damping factor of Naim amplifiers will give you a fuller bass, when compared with an amp with high damping factor such as your Accuphase.

Iam led to believe the pre out on my Linn is pretty good so a 250dr or 300dr.

I know in theory the answer is no

But I have the 200. I have Totem Forests which I think are power hungry. I have no problem. The volume knob never goes past 10:00. You may have success

You put a 250DR or a 300DR on those Forests and you will realize just what you are missing … I had a 200 on a pair of Totem Hawks and thought just like you … wake them up and you’ll be amazed.


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