Nap 200dr and topping d90se

hi. iim interested in swapping my hugo2 for the topping unit and need a bit of advice on the cable ill nedd. any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Are you intending to use it directly into the 200?
If so you would need a 2xRCA to 4 pin DIN lead.

Hi. yes thats the intention buit i was more interested in the xlr out to naim din. is this possible?. Thanks

You should use the RCAs as this is an unbalanced output which would match the unbalanced input on the amp.
The easiest way to do this might be to get the cable supplied with the 200 reterminated with RCAs, or you can have a new cable made up.

i already have a rca to naim din as this is how the hugo connects. So rca is the only way. Thanks for your help

Yes, the same cable will be OK. It’s generally not a good idea to mix balanced and unbalanced connections, although it would work if the cable had XLRs instead of RCAs.

I connected a Topping Pre90 to my ex 250.2 using RCA to DIN/XLR and it worked very well. I have the D90LE and it’s a hifi bargain.

Just to avoid any confusion, the 250 uses XLR (not DIN) but it’s a little unusual in that it’s still unbalanced, not to be confused with the balanced connections normally associated with XLR

Yes, my bad.

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