Nap 200dr

I am thinking of upgrading to a nap 200 dr from a nap 150 ,I have a olive hicap which has been serviced would using this on the nap 200 dr be ok or would I need dr hicap or is the difference hardly recognisable

Simple. The 200 cannot use a HiCap of any kind.

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A Nap 200 and 200DR is the same power amplifier apart from the DR preamp psu inside, hence no need to pay premium for a 200DR unless you want as new as possible.
You can replace your Nap 150 with any Nap 200 and use your hicap and preamp.


I’ve a 202 which I use the hicap and napsc

Thanks think I will just get the nap 200

It’s possible that you may prefer NAC202/napsc with NAP200DR to NAC202/napsc, HC, with a NAP200.

My experience is that if you have half a chance to get DR into your system, then do so. I concede that some others think differently.


Depends I’d say
with a recent serviced Hicap I’d leave it there.
Maybe upgrade your preamp benefit more ?

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Remember that the least old non-DR 200 will be quite a few years old now, and may well be overdue a service, so always check the service history with Naim before you commit, or budget for a recap.

If you are using a separate power supply for the preamp, other differences between DR and non-DR 200 are small (although they are not quite identical) so if the older one is much cheaper it might well be good value.

If you do go for a 200DR I would suggest that you keep the Hicap. It may be non-DR, but unless it, too, is old and in need of a service, I think you will find it beats the supply in the 200DR.


Think also about reselling in the future; if that ever happens. Which would be easier to sell, 250 or 250dr? I guess the dr has wider appeal.

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