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Hi, I have a 202 with an NDX-2 as the source connected to AUX-1, however every time I change radio station of choose a different album from my server it automatically defaults to CD input so I have to then change back to the AUX input missing the first seconds of the chosen piece. what do I need to do to stop this. It’s really annoying and only started after the system waist storage for 9 months due to a move. Cheers

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Two options. Set it up correctly using system automation, or connect the NDX2 to the CD input.

Thanks to both of you, Robert_h and Hungry Halibut. I set it up in System automation. Is it me or do Naim put this info in a secret place as I couldn’t find it anywhere in their Amp document for setting up! Where did you get this info from?
Thanks again.

Naim used to produce proper manuals, and that included one that explained System Automation:

For 2nd gen streamers SA works slightly differently. If you go to the product web page, scroll down and you will see Support, which you can search for information. It’s not great, but it does explain how to turn on SA on the streamer.

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The NDX2 should work better on the CD input, assuming you don’t already have a CD player connected.

The output voltage from a CD player is 2v, the output from the NDX is 2v.

The input level for AUX is 75mV

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All the line level inputs should be the same sensitivity, choose the one you prefer.

Sadly, Robert, the outputs from the equipment are not the same.

I suggest the OP try using the CD input for his NDX2, and I can argue in favour of facts. I do know that Naim’s AV unity will help the situation.

Where is it specified that the input sensitivity of the line level inputs named cd, tuner, aux1 etc are different? Assuming the manual is correct, they are all the same. 75mV

The nominal output level on Naim streamers and CD players is 2.1V, which has been pretty much the industry standard for digital sources since CD was first introduced.
The input sensitivity of different inputs on Naim preamps is the same across all inputs, so it doesn’t matter which one you use, except where there is a built in phono stage but that is not relevant here.
The OP can therefore use any input he wants to connect his streamer to the preamp - and in this case the CD input will work best in that System Automation should then function properly.

Interesting discussion on this thread, the standard line in/DIN input is 75mV. CD and digital sources are 2v.

The input range of a nac 62 is 75mV to 7.5V.

True, that’s just the range of the acceptable input levels, given the overload spec. The sensitivity is not adjustable and they are all the same - nominally 75mv.

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