Nap 250-2 or Nap 250 dr

Hello folks,

Had been contemplating adding nap250 to my nova MA silver 300 setup.
Seeking some advice on difference between 250-2 vs 250dr as there is 250-2 on offer with 2k$ less.

I just ordered a used 250-2 that was recapped a couple years ago. Opted for that over a used DR. Plan to run it to a 282 in my second system. I had this set up once before in my main system before upgrading to where I am now. It’s a fabulous amp at a tremendous bargain!


Bargain. Buy it.

There Are No Bad 250’s.


I went for 250.2 after trying the dr.
I know most prefer the dr,but I didnt.Very happy with a 250.2 and 72 pre.


Those 250.2 must be cheap as 250drs can be had for £1800 upwards.

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250DR every single day of the week.
Naim developed the excellent olive NAP250, followed by the stellar NAP135 mono amps. Then Naim lost the plot with early classic stuff, especially the NAP250 (i.e. 250-2) before rediscovering its mojo with the NAP250DR.
In summary, best to go either side of the 250-2 with 135s or a 250DR.
The only situation in which I can envisage a 250-2 being a viable option is if your speakers are a bit thin sounding and lacking in bass. It this situation, the 250-2 will help to compensate with its mid-lower bass bloom.

Sorry but that’s just how it is to these cloth ears (and those of my trusted Naim dealers). Yes, I have heard all of them, so this is not a view based on 2nd or 3rd hand opinions.

Hope this helps, if only a little.



For having both at the same time I will say the DR without hesitation, everything is better! After that depends on the balance of the system, but the sound of the DR is still more refined and the bass more tense.


It isn’t a question of which 250 - simply that adding a NAP to a Nova, gives very uncertain results - it has never been a Naim suggested upgrade, in any event.
In many situations, the envisaged upgrade, just shifts the limitations. As a single box, Nova is excellent. Add a NAP, 250 proposed and the weakness of the Nova will be exposed, I know, I tried.
The balance is skewed, highlighting weakness in streamer / pre amp.
Source first isn’t an absolute, but it is not worth serious consideration for nothing.
The next step up, is either OC separates or NSC222 + NC250. Local marketplace dictates available opportunities.
There is no reason why Nova + speakers in use, requires a separate amp. Best avoid contemplation - extended audition an absolute must, imho!


Is there something about the sound you don’t like? You may be better changing speakers than adding a 250 to a Nova, which is perfectly fine all by itself. I sold a 250DR to someone who added it to their Nova and found it made little difference.


The 72 is always right. I bet that it still sounds great with a nap 500.

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Yes for around 1500USD

Thank you noted on your recommendation.

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I really like my setup , MA silver 300 has bi wire option and I have been thinking of utilizing it to power the bass ports with nova and mid/treble with 250 as I read some positive experiences on this forum.
Sometimes I do feel bass can be more pronounced even though it is clear and tight. (pardon my language as I’m not sure about the correct hifi language to explain the music)

HH I just answered your query above.

Biamping works well with some speakers, yet does nothing for others. If you do go for a 250 then make sure it’s cheap enough to sell on at little loss if you don’t like it. As I understand it the MA Silvers are quite modest, so it may be better to consider other speakers, though the Nova does seem quite sensitive to which speaker work well with it. As to how a Nova and 250 would work biamped I don’t know, as they sound quite different. You may find just using the 250 controls the speakers better than biamping. Have you already replaced the biwire links with jumpers? Have to experimented with positioning in order to optimise bass? It’s worth doing both before spending out on a 250 that may or may not help.

I have audioquest rocket 11 biwire cables connecting the silver 300s. Change was modest over naca5 cables to be honest!

Biwire cables with Naim are not a good idea. Have you tried single wire with jumpers? It may very well be better.

When I connected a 250 to my SuperUniti, it didn’t take long before I realised performance in general got worse.
Maybe same result with a Nova ?

Don’t expect miracles unles you intend to involve preamp/psu and seperate source.

If you want more power Naim offer Nova PE and Supernait/NDX2 (on offer in UK I believe)

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Yes I had naca5 cable running for 5 yrs and then I changed it to biwire with minimal improvement last year.

There is a real difference between NAP added to Nova and bi-amping, which now seems to be the underlying question. Easy with enthusiasm to loose focus in OP, hence my earlier response.

By all means tinker - best done blind, but not easy. Adding extra NAP, extra speaker cable et al, doesn’t address the fundamental issue. You have indicated you are not totally 100% happy with your speakers.

Attracted to bi-amp, just because it is available, is maybe unrealistic justification. Establish the basics. Nova is a great piece of kit, but others have commented, with which I concur, Nova is not always a perfect solution; speaker match with care. Mine did not not drive S400s well and so NC replaced. Other peps, particularly HH, have even more experience with Nova and speaker matching.

Some of us, myself included, have very successfully used active or aktiv - its a serious league above bi-amp.

Best advice, appraise where your systems is. Take on board comments and give careful thought to what you wish achieve, sound wise; no certainly bi-amp is best outcome, when its not a Naim promoted solution.
Spend the most, on the least amount of kit, let your ear guide you, imho!

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