Nap 250-3 or Hi-Cap DR

What you guys think what will be the sensible upgrade for my system? Please support with your valuable comments and experience.

I like system synergy so would stick with what you have and save up for a new and better complete system.


Depends on your budget. If sticking with the older classic range I’d be looking at a s/h 555PS DR for your NDX2 as a first step, or a 282/HCDR.

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NAP250-3 or HiCap DR - ?

Neither. I would suggest an XPS2 for your NDX2.

But… YMMV… :astonished:


Is this a final amp upgrade?

Not easy to answer unless we know the above. A HICAP would open up the SN3 and maybe scratch an itch that means you’re done.

It could also mean a 282 with SN3 as power amp only, if that’s a way you want to go shorter term, with the prospect of adding a 250.3 longer term. I have a 282/HCDR with 250.3 and it sounds exceptional to me.

Otherwise if you want to go all in and blow the budget - 250.3 now and splash out on a 332 when available, skipping a HICAP completely.

As it stands, I would try the HICAP-only upgrade first and then stick for a while.

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The NAP 250-3 would make sense if you plan to upgrade to the new streamer/preamp product line. If not I would go with the HiCap DR.

This would allow you to add a NAC 282 to the SN 3 if you were going forward with older classic gear.

I would also recommend a XPS DR power supply for you NDX2. I added one when I had it connected to my SN 2 and loved the improvement in the sound.

Lots of options, depending where you are heading in both the short and long term.

…have fun on the journey.


I’m currently in the same boat as you @BackToNaim and we have very similar systems. I’m in a holding pattern as I don’t quite know where I want to end up. The New classics are very tempting for sure. As others have said, it really depends on where you want to end up.

A favorable aspect is that sticking with the old classics and purchasing second-hand items is likely to be more cost-effective, especially with the release of new classic gear.

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I agree that to decide the best upgrade means working out if you want to go for lower cost old classic deals or would eventually would regret it and want to move on to new classic. Maybe see if there are dealers left with old gear and do a demo comparison.

Personally I chose the option of a great deal on old classic for my upgrade. I simply couldn’t justify the the greater expense of the new boxes especially as I really want to keep my preamp and streamer separate which is currently only possible with a 300 series pre amp.


Similar dilemma here as I’d like to keep my source(nd5xs2/nDAC/xpsdr). 332 /250.3 is likely the route I’m going to take but luckily I haven’t heard it and my bank account isn’t ready for that type of hit.

My best move is no move for the time being.

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Thank you every one for taking the time and for your valuable suggestions, unfortunately the market for used naim equipments is non existent and the reason why I need to buy everything new that too blindly as the demo is not possible as no dealers available locally. The aim is to go for the whole NC system most probably nsc 222 (how much better is nsc 222 compared to ndx2) by moving the SN3 later on, but was very tempted to see the Hicap DR in a very good price, however I have changed my mind and diverted the funds to naim nap 250-3 by giving advance for the same as expected arrival is in Sept’23 ( there is more demand for nap 250-3 I think).

After nap 250-3 the question would be to go for nsc 222 replacing the ndx2 and SN3 or keep the ndx2 and go for the upcoming nac 332 :thinking:?

@Richard.Dane can you help in getting the part number for the cable which connects from SN3 to nap 250-3 (4 pin DIN to stereo XLRs) as shown in the video by Jason.How to Upgrade Your Naim in 2023! | NPX 300 and NDX - YouTube

Ndx2 with nac 332 is almost certainly going to be the best option for sound quality but it’s also the more expensive expensive option. So basically it comes down to what you can afford.

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Interesting. I did wonder if they were using cable assembly 4 in reverse, but the sex of the XLR plugs would be wrong at the 250.3 end. It’s clearly a DIN4 to 2 x XLR cable shown in the video (with the band in the correct orientation), so perhaps one missing from the initial cable compatibility list ?

I have very similar system (diff speakers- wilson audio tunetots) with added power supplies, which provide a very nice lift. i didnt think sound was lacking before i tried them but it went from very nice to wow i cant believe im hearing this. I have tried 250dr without the power supplies for ndx2 sn3 and i think the power supplies did more for the sound than amplification. Its my opinion that the sn3 is the highest value product they make. Aside from maybe nova. I think if they made a nova with power supply upgrades….


Sorry, I just saw your post and now back home from visiting the factory. I don’t know what the part number is but I’m sure your dealer should be able to order it through their Naim rep. I’m guessing it’s a siamesed version with a single DIN plug of No.7.

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It would be good to add it to the list in the FAQ once known. You can imagine quite a few adding a NC250 to a Nova as part of a logical upgrade path.


Very curious to hear from you about the results

Hobby is very strange be it any, if only music is involved even air pods are enough :grin:, this hobby is all about owning the gear and clean sound. I have already ordered the nap 250-3 and paid even advance but the delivery is in September (I think you missed my post above). My long term plan is to change the SN3 to either nac 332 by keeping the ndx2 or go for the nsc 222 depending on the financial situation and availability of the gear easily and also based on the feedback from the forum after the 300 series Nac release.


:+1: That’s probably wise, I’m also awaiting the arrival of the 300 series before making any decisions about the future.


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