NAP 250 CB Power Lamp

The power switch on my CB 250 does not illuminate. This is most likely due to the bulb and I have been looking into replacing it. This seems to be a simple operation - the power switch should just pull out, exposing the bulb. The bulb then needs to be gently wiggled out (carefully with pliers or even blue tack!) and the new bulb inserted. Apparently a 48 or 60 volt is required and they seem to be available quite widely, but I’m not sure of the required length. They can be 16, 22 or 29mm. Also, some people have used an LED bulb instead of a filament. Has anyone carried out this replacement and is it as simple as it is made out to be? It would save a lot of hassle in sending it away. Also what is the correct bulb? Any advice would be appreciated.

For the correct bulb you need to replace like with like. I’ve never done a bulb change myself, but it should be fairly straightforward. You may need some needle nose pliers or a pair of Spencer Wells to extract the old bulb. Possibly @NeilS can add more here.

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Thanks Richard. Can you say what bulb I need?

As I say, you need to replace like with like, so you’ll need to see which bulb your 250 has inside the holder.

Thanks that’s helpful

I remember doing this on my CB 250, before it was converted to Olive.

Its not particularly difficult to do - and you have a choice to fit a LED version, which will last longer.

RS would be my ‘go to’ source… :slightly_smiling_face:

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The 60V bulbs last longer it seems but aren’t as bright. Currently using a 48V type but it’s a bit bright in my relatively subdued light environment.

Be very gentle getting the bulb out not to break the glass on the bulb. And don’t forget to disconnect the Mains supply first.

Once you’ve done it once it’s a doddle next time it goes.

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Many thanks. Can you tell me which length bulb I need? The issue is I don’t currently have access to the NAP so I can’t check what is in there.

I believe the bulb length varies depending on the type of switch fitted to the 250. Mine is a 1988 one and IIRC the 29mm type.

There were two common types of bulb fitted in the illuminated switches, cunningly known colloquially as short bulbs & long bulbs.
We haven’t been able to replace the short bulbs for as long as I can remember.
The long bulb spec is: T5.5 telephone slide, 48V, 1.2W, 29mm in length.
There are LED equivalents, but make sure they have an internal current limiting resistor, otherwise they won’t last long at all.
As has been said, you shouldn’t need any tools to remove the switch lens & careful use of needle nosed pliers to extract the bulb. It should pull straight out.



Thanks Neil

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